New Crafty Goals

Hello everyone!! How are you doing? I’m great… well, I’m hanging in there. lol We’re halfway through summer and I’m ready for school to start! How about you? It’s not like my kids are being really bad or anything. I’m actually enjoying most of the days we spend together. I’ve been trying to do more fun stuff with them. I just like the schedule that school gives us. I had an idea for a summer schedule, but I’ve just been so busy that we haven’t really stuck to a schedule this time.

Anyway, I wanted to set up a goal for myself for the summer with my scrapbooking and how many pages I wanted to accomplish, but like I said I’ve been so busy! I haven’t done ANY scrapbooking, or crafting, in the past MONTH! *SIGH* I’m so sad! I am really itching to sit down and scrapbook or at least make a card or something, but I can’t for about another week or so probably. I’m busy with my photography business and trying to keep my house clean and kids fed on top of that so there’s not any room for my creative fun time.

But, I’m surviving. I have been watching a lot of YouTube scrapbooking videos so I don’t feel like I don’t have any creative time in my days.

When I start scrapbooking again I’m going to make a new goal each month. I want to start getting more done each month as well as doing new things. I’ve been getting some fun new supplies like gesso and paints and stencils and I want to start using them!! They’ve just been sitting in a drawer and whenever I open it I think, ‘I need to use that!’ and then I never do.

I think life should slow down in September once the kids all start school. Tinian is hopefully going to be in preschool 4 days a week for about 2-3 hours so during those hours I’m going to scrapbook to my hearts content! I am still stuck in 2007 and my goal this year was to get through 2008. I don’t think that will happen! haha, but I can at least START 2008 by the end of the year! If I can do at least 1-2 page(s) a day, 4 days a week, I will definitely be able to get into working on the year 2008. Yay!

So, for now, you’ll have to wait for some crafty goodness. I’m sorry! I did post a mini scrapbook album I made on A Bird and A Bean last Saturday. You can head on over there to check it out. I’m making them for my boys and I want to start putting pictures in them soon so I’ll update my blog with pictures when I get a chance to do that.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Wednesday!


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Scrapbook Layout #33 ~ My First Book Club




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Scrapbook Layout #32 ~ Family Fun

Hello there! I am excited to show you this layout today! It’s definitely a favorite of mine right now.


What do you think?!! I deliberated for a while on what I should name this layout. There were a few different embellishment titles that I was considering and I finally settled on ‘family fun’. I really like how the title turned out. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it on the layout and I think that’s why I kept trying to figure something else out, but in the end I knew this title fit perfectly. familyfun   familyfun3



Here is the video you can watch to see my process as I scrapped these photos:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!

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Scrapbook Layout #31 ~ Sleep Tight

Hello again crafty friends! How are you this morning? I hope well! I have another layout for you today and this one was fun and easy peasy! So, without further ado here is that layout:





I really love this layout! I got the idea from pinterest and I think my layout turned out great, not to toot my own horn or anything. I was trying to use up scraps on this layout and I succeeded. I don’t think I used any new paper at all! Don’t you love it when you succeed at what you set out to do?!! I sure do!

Here’s the process video:

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back on Friday with another layout and video.

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Scrapbook Layout #30 ~ Bathtime

Hello, everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a little bit! Life kinda got crazy so I haven’t had time to blog or scrapbook that much. It makes me sad, but I’m hoping to squeeze in some creative time soon!!

Anyway, today I have a layout that doesn’t really have a name. Sometimes these layouts are my favorite kinds. Titles always trip me up. My husband teases me all the time because my old layouts often have really dumb titles like, “silly” or “silly fun” or “family”.  I wasn’t very creative with titles, I’m still not! I think “silly” is a title I repeat a lot. lol So, when I do a layout without a title I just smile and enjoy it these days. You don’t ALWAYS need a title! So, if coming up with titles is a reason you don’t scrapbook, you can’t use that reason anymore! I guess you better pull out your paper and photos and get going! :)


I have mixed feelings about this layout. I like it, but at the same time I feel weird about it. Does that make sense? haha I like the blue arrow negative cut that I used, but the colors just don’t go well together. The pink background kind of clashes with the other colors on the layout I think. If I were to go back and redo anything I would definitely pick a different background paper. I do love the twine though! :)









Here’s the process video you can click on the little youtube button on the bottom of the video if you want to watch it over there.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great week!

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Scrapbook Layout #28 & 29 ~ Tryptophan & After Nap

Good morning, crafters and scrapbookers! I am almost caught up on my layouts now, wohoo! These two layouts are the last 2 from my 31 layout birthday challenge. If you want to see the video I made of all 31 layouts you can find it here on YouTube. I loved going back through the layouts to see them all again. It was a lot of fun! :)

Anyway, here are the pictures of the layouts and then I’ll share the process videos if you want to watch those.














These two layouts were fun to make. I really love working with that glitter alpha on the last layout. It’s just so pretty! :)

And here are the process videos:


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Who Needs Naptime? Layout

Hello my friends! How are you today? I hope well! I am back with another video response layout and this one is FUN! I love how this one turned out! I did this layout for Roni Sue Scrappers 550 Subscriber giveaway. For her layout challenge she wanted us to use pictures that had a story behind them and she wanted us to tell her the story. I knew the exact pictures I was going to use the minute she said that was the challenge! These are some of my favorite pictures from when Jonas and Brynnan were little.

So, without further ado, here’s the pictures for you to peruse:



whoneedsnaptime2 whoneedsnaptime3



This is another layout that is one of my favorites from this year. I’ve been trying to do more layering and embellishing this year and with this layout I feel like I accomplished that.

Here’s the process video:

Thanks for watching!

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Love by the Trees Layout

Hello scrapbookers and crafters! I am back today with another layout. This one is actually not part of the “episodes” on my youtube channel because I made these layouts for something called Video Response (aka VR) to a giveaway on YouTube. There are a bunch of YouTube-ism’s I’m still getting used to, but this one I picked up on pretty quick. A lot of Scrapbook Process video makers do giveaways once they reach big numbers of subscribers. I’ve participated in a few different ones and so those layouts aren’t part of the episode pool. There are 2 of the layouts that were part of my 31 layouts before my 31st birthday challenge that I made for video responses. Today I’m sharing the first one I made for a challenge.

It was for a YouTube user name Danielle Brown and she is so much fun to watch on YouTube! Here’s the layout I made for her challenge:








Dannielle’s layout challenge requirements were to use the colors mint green, pink and yellow to create a layout. I really love the page that I made and the colors are really pretty! One of my favorite parts of the layout is the title. I love the Martha Stewart 3d alpha, the one that spells out ‘LOVE’. The yellow chevron pattern paper is also another favorite part of it! I LOVE chevron!!

Here’s the process video for this layout:

Thanks for stopping by!

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Scrapbook Layout #27 ~ Outside Adventures

Hello everyone! I’m back again with another scrapbook layout to share with you. This one is probably another favorite of mine from this year. I love the colors and papers used and these are some of my favorite pictures of my cute little boys!

outsideadventures7 outsideadventures6







Here’s the process video if you’d like to watch:

Thanks for watching!

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Scrapbook Layout #26 ~ Joy

Hello everyone! I’m finally back with more layouts. I’m sorry it took a lot longer than I thought it would, of course.

Anyway,  on to the layout I have for you today. It was an easy, simple design and it only took me 36 minutes to create! Anything under 50 minutes is really awesome! I normally can make a layout between 50-60 minutes, sometimes a little more and rarely less than that.

I love the blues and pinks in this layout. Pink is one of my favorite colors, but you don’t often get a chance to use it with all boys. I’m starting to work it into some layouts though, even with my boys in the pictures and I’m realizing it’s ok to scrapbook boys with pink. I don’t necessarily have to dress them in pink, but I can scrapbook with them in pink. :) (Did that make sense?)






I really like how this layout turned out. If you’d like to see my process while I was creating this layout you can watch it below:

Thanks for stopping by!

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