Let’s Get Organized! ~ Craft Room

I know I usually do organizing posts on Mondays, but I figured I’d make an exception this once because I haven’t blogged about this subject in a LONG time and also because I am planning on starting this special organizing project on August first so I want you to be up to date before I even strat.

It has been a while since I’ve done ANY organizing in my house. I do a little here and a littler there, but it doesn’t stay organized very long so I’ve kinda given up on it in the last 6 months or so. I remember last year when I would do these posts and make up a whole list of what I wanted to organize in one week. It was fun back then. Now, it seems like work. Probably because I haven’t done it in so long and the work has piled up and seems so overwhelming now.

So, I’m going to stop being lazy and START organizing again! I don’t think I’ll do a weekly post about it like I did last year, but I am definitely going to start keeping my house a little more organized and clean. It has gotten kinda bad in a few areas of our house!

Namely, the kitchen table and pantry:



The boys’ closet and dresser and a few other areas around their room:






The computer desk, which I didn’t take a picture of because it’s way too scary… actually I forgot and I’m too lazy to take a picture of it now. lol A picture will come with the post when I actually do organize it though so you can see a before and after comparison.

And worst of all my Craft Room!!








I seriously cannot believe how BAD my craft room is! I can barely walk through it! I started cleaning it up a little 2 weeks ago because I just couldn’t deal with how messy it was, but then I got busy with my photography job and then we went on “vacation” to my in-laws for 4 days, so it got neglected.

Now, I’m ready to get started and this time I’m going to completely gut the place. Well, so to speak. What I mean is I’m going to clear everything out and start from scratch. I just need to go through everything and figure out what I will actually use and what I won’t and get rid of what I won’t! I have TONS of stuff I’ve collected over the last three years with good intentions to use it and I haven’t even set eyes on those projects in the last 3 years! So, that comes to an end NOW!

Starting on August 1 I will be cleaning up my room. It will most likely be a long and tedious process and I will document it with pictures for you so you can see how imperfect my craft room is and how messy I really am. I look back at pictures of a clean craft room that I’ve blogged about before and I just laugh. My room never stays that clean for more than about 5 minutes! I take the pictures and then, BAM! It’s back to crazy and messy! How many of you are like that? It’s ok, you can be honest! I definitely am not one to judge and you can see that from the above pictures!

Ok, so I took these pictures of all the rooms on Wednesday and today is Thursday. I will most likely be cleaning the rest of my house today, like the bathrooms and laundry, since it too has been neglected in the past 2 weeks or so of me working and they REALLY need some love and attention. Not to mention vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor! YIKES!

My plan will start in action tomorrow, August 1st. First things first, I need to be able to walk on the floor. And not just a little pathway to my computer desk! I want to be able to see the middle of my floor and be able to sit down on it if I so choose. I have TONS of bills and other mail just piled there because it was easier than sorting through it all. I will be spending a couple hours sorting through that mess I’m sure! Not looking forward to that, but it needs to be done!

Once all of the papers are organized and out of my craft room I will move onto the big and cumbersome ironing board that has collected projects and other stuff I’ve been meaning to work on or put away. The ironing board itself will also be put away. I think I’m going to make it a rule to not bring the ironing board into my craft room anymore. It’s just another area for me to put stuff. I can’t keep doing this!

August 2nd – Continue cleaning middle of the floor. Pick up and unpack Studio Calico boxes and take them to the garbage can outside!! I have about 4 of those big SC boxes just sitting all around the floor in my room and I don’t need them anymore!! I just hate throwing them away though! I don’t know why!

Clean up the corner by the weird green closet. It is such a mess right there in that corner. I don’t know what is back there because I haven’t seen it in months, but it all needs to find homes!

August 4th – Clean out the closet and organize the wrapping paper. Finish sewing Mark’s snorlax that I’ve been putting off for the last 2 years because I’m afraid to screw it up. It isn’t turning out as great as I had hoped and so I dread finishing it. :P Don’t you hate projects like that?!

August 5th – Clean off all shelves above my scrapbook desk, store everything in the closet. I will go through everything and put them in categories and throw out things that I know I probably won’t use anytime soon.

August 6th - Continue purging craft supplies and start putting things back on the shelves.

August 7th - Finish organizing shelves and make card holders for cards I make and don’t send out right away. I want to sit down one week and make 20 cards or more so that I have a ton and don’t have to make them as I go. I have a few that are waiting for birthdays to send out, but not enough to make me feel less stressed about it.

August 12th -  Pull everything off of the cube shelving I have and reorganize it. I want to put all my Project Life kits up on the shelves above the scrapbook desk. Then I want to move my Studio Calico kits onto the cube shelves. Organize the cube shelves.

August 13th -  Finish organizing the cube shelves, if not already done. Make washi tape holders for the cube drawers and organize them. Purge unwanted supplies.

August 14th – Clean under sewing/computer desk. Organize shelving under there and find a place for scrap fabric. Make a table skirt.

August 15th - Organize the top of my scrapbook desk. Glue baby food jars to the bottom of the bottom shelf to put eyelets in. I want to start using eyelets more and I don’t use them if I can’t see them. I also want to get things up off of my desk. It’s a little too crowded so I’m going to start figuring out what is going to stay and what will go.

August 18th - Re-organize my scrapbook desk drawers. They’re pretty organized for the most part, but I do want to make room for other things in them.

August 19th – Organize fabric book shelf! This task is going to take a while, I’m not sure how long, but I have a lot of fabric now and I need to do something else with it besides stacking it on top of each other. I’ve seen how others will buy cardboard from amazon and wrap fabric around it like it was a bolt at the store. I want to do it that way and I tried it, but I was just using cardboard from boxes we got in the mail so each piece was different. I think that made it not look so pretty and therefore I didn’t like it. So I might have to breakdown and buy the cardboard from amazon. *SIGH*

August 20th - Continue organizing fabric. I’m going to start organizing all of my patterns this day as well. I found this idea on pinterest to use binders and plastic sheet protectors. I love that! Easy and you can see all the patterns you have by just flipping through them. Mine are in boxes right now and I can never find the one I want when I need it. It’s kinda annoying.

August 21st -Secure the 3 white tower shelves to the far wall and organize sewing supplies in them. Finish organizing pattern binders and fabric book case.

August 22nd - Thoroughly organize the closet. I found this pin on pinterest and I want to do something similar to it. I might also start storing fabric in the closet because I’m running out of room in other places. I am thinking of doing something like this.

August 23rd - I want to start decorating my craft room as well and I love the little lanterns in this pin. I made a new board on pinterest called ‘Craft Room for Reals’ where I will put organizing and decorating ideas that I’m actually going to do in my room. This way I can narrow down what will actually work and not feel so overwhelmed!

 August 25th ~ 30th - This is the last week of August and I will more than likely be trying to get everything ready for my kids going back to school. If I get any organizing done it will just be small things. Perfecting what I have already done and moving things around a little. I want to move my Silhouette into the closet on a little table and then just hook my laptop up to it when I need to use it so I have more room on my computer/sewing desk, but I have a feeling if I do that I probably won’t use it as much as I do. I might still play around with the idea. I want to buy some shelving for the closet so I can put some of the kids’ toys in there just so they aren’t always bringing toys from their room downstairs. I’ll have to figure out how that will work because of the wrapping paper and gift back area I want to have in the closet I’m not sure there will be much room for shelving. I might have to construct something myself. I’ll work it out though

Well, that is the plan for August to organize my craft room. I’m probably being way too optimistic and won’t even get half of this stuff done during the month, but I will just go along with the flow and if I go into September that is ok! I just need to have a plan to get me moving forward.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Back to School Teacher Stationary Gift Idea

Hello, crafty friends! I am excited to be here sharing this fun teacher gift idea with you today. First off, though, I have to tell you that my middle child is 8 years old today!!! I can’t believe it! Time has just gone by way too fast! It’s so crazy!

Ok, now on to the real and fun reason you came here today… I am joining up with some amazing bloggers to bring you this great series hosted by Emily over at The Benson Street. Go on over and check out her blog and her original post about the series.


I want to share with you a cute little stationary gift you can make with your Silhouette Cameo and some easy cards and tags as well. I got the idea from pinterest for my boys’ teachers last fall and they were so fun to make. You can find the cut file for the stationary box along with the tags here on the Silhouette Online Store. There are a lot of different kinds of stationary boxes there so if you want a different style or design, just type in ‘stationary box’ in the search box and it’ll bring up a huge long list for you to go through.

Anyway, without further suspense being held, here are the final boxes and cards I made for their teachers:



For the one on the left I found a border of an apple in the Silhouette Online Store again (they get a LOT of my business when I’m making projects for teachers … heck, they get a lot of my business no matter what I’m doing! lol) and cut it out to decorate the bottom of the box to make it a little different than the other one. I love how it turned out! That paper was really fun to use. It had glitter on it and by the time I was done with the box there was glitter all over me!


This is what the boxes looked like on the inside. There were 3 levels, and 4 separate pockets. I’ll come back next week and show you how I made this step by step.


I made some cards and tags to go in the box. Shutterfly was doing a special and gave me 12 free note cards so I ordered a set and split them up for each teacher to get 6. They were a little smaller than my homemade cards, but they turned out really cute!


For the cards I just used a few different cut files I’ve gotten from the Silhouette Online Store over the last couple years. I often buy files and then never use them so it was fun to actually use a lot of these cute files.




I think this box was my favorite.




I had my Silhouette cut out all the tags and the card bases. I picked out different papers to cover the front of the cards and just glued them down. I kept them simple so that I didn’t drive myself crazy!








In the picture above you can kind of see the three divided levels. The one front level has 2 pockets to keep the tags divided nicely. Then the second level is where I put the cards and the 3rd and very back level I placed the envelopes. (Can you tell I’m a mom to boys who love playing video games?)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Don’t forget to check out all the other projects on Emily’s blog. Have a great Friday!



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New Crafty Goals

Hello everyone!! How are you doing? I’m great… well, I’m hanging in there. lol We’re halfway through summer and I’m ready for school to start! How about you? It’s not like my kids are being really bad or anything. I’m actually enjoying most of the days we spend together. I’ve been trying to do more fun stuff with them. I just like the schedule that school gives us. I had an idea for a summer schedule, but I’ve just been so busy that we haven’t really stuck to a schedule this time.

Anyway, I wanted to set up a goal for myself for the summer with my scrapbooking and how many pages I wanted to accomplish, but like I said I’ve been so busy! I haven’t done ANY scrapbooking, or crafting, in the past MONTH! *SIGH* I’m so sad! I am really itching to sit down and scrapbook or at least make a card or something, but I can’t for about another week or so probably. I’m busy with my photography business and trying to keep my house clean and kids fed on top of that so there’s not any room for my creative fun time.

But, I’m surviving. I have been watching a lot of YouTube scrapbooking videos so I don’t feel like I don’t have any creative time in my days.

When I start scrapbooking again I’m going to make a new goal each month. I want to start getting more done each month as well as doing new things. I’ve been getting some fun new supplies like gesso and paints and stencils and I want to start using them!! They’ve just been sitting in a drawer and whenever I open it I think, ‘I need to use that!’ and then I never do.

I think life should slow down in September once the kids all start school. Tinian is hopefully going to be in preschool 4 days a week for about 2-3 hours so during those hours I’m going to scrapbook to my hearts content! I am still stuck in 2007 and my goal this year was to get through 2008. I don’t think that will happen! haha, but I can at least START 2008 by the end of the year! If I can do at least 1-2 page(s) a day, 4 days a week, I will definitely be able to get into working on the year 2008. Yay!

So, for now, you’ll have to wait for some crafty goodness. I’m sorry! I did post a mini scrapbook album I made on A Bird and A Bean last Saturday. You can head on over there to check it out. I’m making them for my boys and I want to start putting pictures in them soon so I’ll update my blog with pictures when I get a chance to do that.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Wednesday!


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Scrapbook Layout #33 ~ My First Book Club




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Scrapbook Layout #32 ~ Family Fun

Hello there! I am excited to show you this layout today! It’s definitely a favorite of mine right now.


What do you think?!! I deliberated for a while on what I should name this layout. There were a few different embellishment titles that I was considering and I finally settled on ‘family fun’. I really like how the title turned out. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it on the layout and I think that’s why I kept trying to figure something else out, but in the end I knew this title fit perfectly. familyfun   familyfun3



Here is the video you can watch to see my process as I scrapped these photos:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend!

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Scrapbook Layout #31 ~ Sleep Tight

Hello again crafty friends! How are you this morning? I hope well! I have another layout for you today and this one was fun and easy peasy! So, without further ado here is that layout:





I really love this layout! I got the idea from pinterest and I think my layout turned out great, not to toot my own horn or anything. I was trying to use up scraps on this layout and I succeeded. I don’t think I used any new paper at all! Don’t you love it when you succeed at what you set out to do?!! I sure do!

Here’s the process video:

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back on Friday with another layout and video.

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Scrapbook Layout #30 ~ Bathtime

Hello, everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a little bit! Life kinda got crazy so I haven’t had time to blog or scrapbook that much. It makes me sad, but I’m hoping to squeeze in some creative time soon!!

Anyway, today I have a layout that doesn’t really have a name. Sometimes these layouts are my favorite kinds. Titles always trip me up. My husband teases me all the time because my old layouts often have really dumb titles like, “silly” or “silly fun” or “family”.  I wasn’t very creative with titles, I’m still not! I think “silly” is a title I repeat a lot. lol So, when I do a layout without a title I just smile and enjoy it these days. You don’t ALWAYS need a title! So, if coming up with titles is a reason you don’t scrapbook, you can’t use that reason anymore! I guess you better pull out your paper and photos and get going! :)


I have mixed feelings about this layout. I like it, but at the same time I feel weird about it. Does that make sense? haha I like the blue arrow negative cut that I used, but the colors just don’t go well together. The pink background kind of clashes with the other colors on the layout I think. If I were to go back and redo anything I would definitely pick a different background paper. I do love the twine though! :)









Here’s the process video you can click on the little youtube button on the bottom of the video if you want to watch it over there.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great week!

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Scrapbook Layout #28 & 29 ~ Tryptophan & After Nap

Good morning, crafters and scrapbookers! I am almost caught up on my layouts now, wohoo! These two layouts are the last 2 from my 31 layout birthday challenge. If you want to see the video I made of all 31 layouts you can find it here on YouTube. I loved going back through the layouts to see them all again. It was a lot of fun! :)

Anyway, here are the pictures of the layouts and then I’ll share the process videos if you want to watch those.














These two layouts were fun to make. I really love working with that glitter alpha on the last layout. It’s just so pretty! :)

And here are the process videos:


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Who Needs Naptime? Layout

Hello my friends! How are you today? I hope well! I am back with another video response layout and this one is FUN! I love how this one turned out! I did this layout for Roni Sue Scrappers 550 Subscriber giveaway. For her layout challenge she wanted us to use pictures that had a story behind them and she wanted us to tell her the story. I knew the exact pictures I was going to use the minute she said that was the challenge! These are some of my favorite pictures from when Jonas and Brynnan were little.

So, without further ado, here’s the pictures for you to peruse:



whoneedsnaptime2 whoneedsnaptime3



This is another layout that is one of my favorites from this year. I’ve been trying to do more layering and embellishing this year and with this layout I feel like I accomplished that.

Here’s the process video:

Thanks for watching!

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Love by the Trees Layout

Hello scrapbookers and crafters! I am back today with another layout. This one is actually not part of the “episodes” on my youtube channel because I made these layouts for something called Video Response (aka VR) to a giveaway on YouTube. There are a bunch of YouTube-ism’s I’m still getting used to, but this one I picked up on pretty quick. A lot of Scrapbook Process video makers do giveaways once they reach big numbers of subscribers. I’ve participated in a few different ones and so those layouts aren’t part of the episode pool. There are 2 of the layouts that were part of my 31 layouts before my 31st birthday challenge that I made for video responses. Today I’m sharing the first one I made for a challenge.

It was for a YouTube user name Danielle Brown and she is so much fun to watch on YouTube! Here’s the layout I made for her challenge:








Dannielle’s layout challenge requirements were to use the colors mint green, pink and yellow to create a layout. I really love the page that I made and the colors are really pretty! One of my favorite parts of the layout is the title. I love the Martha Stewart 3d alpha, the one that spells out ‘LOVE’. The yellow chevron pattern paper is also another favorite part of it! I LOVE chevron!!

Here’s the process video for this layout:

Thanks for stopping by!

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