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How to Make a Mini Flip Album with Washi Tape ~ Interactive Elements with Get It Scrapped

Hello scrapbookers! I am really excited about this blog post today! I have been on the creative team for Get It Scrapped for a little over a year now and I really love it! The assignments are always fun and challenging, they make me think outside the box. That is always great for a hobby to keep it fresh and enjoyable, right?

Well, this month I was assigned to make a layout with an interactive element. I racked my brain for a while about this… I wasn’t sure how to incorporate that on to a 12×12 layout without a lot of hassle with a page protector being in the way. I have a little 3×8 mini album I have been meaning to make for quite some time (April of this year) and I finally decided I would make my element on a page for this little album. I find it much easier to make interactive pages in mini albums so this took a little stress off of me.

Here is an image of the full page I ended up making:

I am so in love with this little page and can’t wait to show you how to make this little flip album. All you need are photos, ephemera, frames and washi tape. You can use any stickers, stamps or decorative supplies you’d like to spice it up.

Step #1. Place the photo or ephemera piece you want at the very back of your album down first. I wanted my photo framed so I have a small frame around the photo as you can see below:

Step 2: Place your second photo or ephemera piece to the left of the main bottom photo.

Step 3: Cut your washi tape to the desired length and place on both photos. Cut off excess pieces you don’t want hanging off the edges.

Step 4: Flip that photo over and embellish as much as you’d like.

Step 5: Place your next photo or ephemera piece to the left of the album as shown below:


Step 6: Cut the washi tape to the same size as before and place on both side of the album. Make sure to pay attention to the photo, I have someone on the far left of the photo on the right so I had to make my washi tape smaller on the photo.


Step 7: Flip the page over and glue down your top photo or ephemera piece.

Step 8: Cut down your washi tape to fit once again and you’re all done! You have a really cute and simple washi tape flip album.

I love making these for mini albums that won’t be put into a page protector so that you can easily flip through the book. It’s an easy and cute way to include more than one photo on a small page.

You can watch my process video here:

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you’re having a great week so far!






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