2018 Scrapbooking

Aaaaaaand I’m BACK!!! (Kind of!)

Hello Hello my friends! It has been waaaayyyyyy too long since I have done a blog post so I thought I would jump on and say HI!! and share a little bit of what I have been up to….. Mostly, working and family life! If you don’t follow me on social media (Which of course you do because you would be CRAY CRAY not to!!! hah), you might not know that I started working a Full time job on February 28th. I work at a chiropractors office as a Financial auditor and imputer. I submit claims to insurance companies and about a million other things as well! I’m pretty good at it too, if I don’t say so myself.

Anyway, so I haven’t really been scrapping a whole lot or even been on social media much. I work in the early morning to afternoon then come home and clean, help kids with chores and do a lot of dog training. I recently signed both our dogs up for a super intense dog training class and it has been going ok! haha, they’re dogs and dogs will be dogs. They’re supposed to be able to walk off leash and come to me when I call by the end of the 9 week session. Not sure it’ll happen with my crazy doggos!

Over the coming weeks I will share a post or two each day with you of the layouts and projects I’ve been working on over the past 3-4 months. I hope you will enjoy! 🙂

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