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Traveler’s Notebooks GALORE!!!

Hello Scrapbookers!! Happy Thursday! Today I will be sharing ALL of the Traveler’s Notebooks I have. There are a lot of them. I never counted but at least 50, probably more! I have been on a huge organizing kick with the new year and setting goals and all that so this was definitely a good inventory video for me. I didn’t even realize how many I had.

One thing I noticed is that I like to do mixed media in my TN’s. I’m not sure why but the notebooks I have used the most are the ones that I have heavy duty paper in so I can do mixed media. Those are the ones that are almost filled up too.




Here I’m showing you real life while organizing. I was binge watching NCIS on Netflix while I organized and you can see how messy my desk is!




It’s kind of fun to see all my notebooks piled up like this on my desk all haphazardly.

I pulled out all my notebooks from their TN covers so I could share all of them one at a time. I also share the covers in the video I filmed as well. I have a lot of them too.

In the video I share that I buy most of my Traveler’s Notebooks from my amazing friend Beth Soler. Her store is called Rock Your Notebook and she makes every single one of her notebooks with such care. I absolutely LOVE her shop. Make sure to check it out!

Do you like to use Traveler’s Notebooks? If you do, what do you use them for? I would love to hear what types of scrapbooking and other types of creativity you do outside of traditional scrapbooking. Leave a comment below!

I hope you enjoy this video! Come on over to YouTube and make sure you are a subscriber so you don’t miss out on all the fun I’ll be having this year as I jump back into Scrapbooking!

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