An Awarding Saturday!

I was surprised to receive 3 more awards last week!! I was very flattered as well and since that would make it 4 awards total I decided to make a page dedicated to the awards I’ve won. Is that silly? If it is, oh, well, that’s me!! 🙂

Well, I figured I should probably do up another reward post since I got these 3 and hopefully it won’t be too long and too boring for you to make it through!!

So, since I just did an award post and listed 7 things about me I’m not going to do that again. I hope you don’t mind, but after this busy week my mind is just shot and can’t think even harder to come up with 7 more. Please forgive me. Maybe I will indulge you some other random time:)

The first one is the Reader Appreciation Award:

I’m not sure if Millie nominated me for this one specifically but she did a big bulk award post and this was one of them. I have never heard of her blog before so I’m assuming this one was for the other bloggers, but hey, I’m weird so I’m including it:)

For this award I would like to nominate:

1. Aubry Lopez ~ She’s my awesome cousin!! We are really getting to know each other after so many years of not seeing each other. She’s really into scrapbooking and card making so we have fun discussing that stuff as well as other fun things:) Aubry is an awesome reader and I appreciate her! She comments on my blog all the time and it makes me feel special and that she cares about me. Love ya Aubs!

2. Kar’s Kith and Kin ~ I love Kar!! She’s my best friend and confidant. My husband often jokes that someday we’ll run away together…. yeah, that’s how much I love her. Is that weird? He thinks it is. She’s just a best friend like I’ve never had before. And it’s good to have friends you can ALWAYS count on and who will always be there for you and she is! 🙂 Plus she always comments on every one of my posts!! That makes me feel good!

3. Mom on Timeout. I love to link up with Trish’s blog. It always amazes me that she will comment on my post!! I think it’s great that bloggers respond to the posts that are linked up! I know they don’t have a ton of time, but it just makes you feel awesome that they care enough to give you credit for your projects!! thanks Trish!!:)

4. Tales of a Trophy Wife. I love Tara! She is such a great blogger!! I always enjoy reading her posts and linking up to her parties!! She is also such a great hostess and leaves me comments on my projects that I link up. Thanks Tara!!

Ok, onto the next award:

I’m not exactly sure what this award is for so I am going to nominate craft blogs again because that’s what I LOVE:)

1. Lil Blue Boo. Ashley is very down to earth! I love reading about her life and her journey with cancer. She has such a positive outlook on her life, it just amazes me!! She is also a wonderful blogger and crafter. Thanks for sharing your blog, Ashley!:)

2. Craftiness is Not Optional. Can I just say that people who can sew are just amazing!! I LOVE going to Jess’ blog and seeing all the amazing things she makes!!

3. Not Just a House Wife. Stacy is such a great blogger and crafter! I LOVE all the diy projects she does! I hope to be like her someday:)

And the last award:

1. Tatertots and Jello. I love Jen’s blog! She is always doing something fun and exciting and always has great ideas and tutorials.

2. The 36th Avenue. Desiree is a great blogger also. I love her ideas and projects and the posts that she shares:)

3. Ask Anna. I love Anna’s cleaning and organizing tips!! Her blog is one that I visit daily because it is so useful in more than just craft ideas!! Thanks Anna for sharing!

4. Keeping it Simple. Kaysi is another great blogger and an amazing crafter!! She has all sorts of great ideas and does lots of fun giveaways. Her blog is so cute too:) I love the colors.

If you were nominated here are the rules:

-Thank the blogger that nominated you
-Share 7 facts about yourself
-Nominate other blogs
-Notify them of their nomination

Thanks to Millie, at Millie on her World!! I am a new follower to her blog!:) Hope you’re having a great Saturday!! I’m keeping busy with a Garage Sale, as you know, and doing Senior pictures and a bunch of driving to find good spots for them!!

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  1. Yes, as Mark says, you’re “in lesbians” with me. Hahaha! He’s funny. You mean a lot to me too, Megs. I just love you tons and tons.

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