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I’m Kreative, so She Says

I was really surprised, and excited when my friend, Karlenn, gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award. I like to know that other people think I’m creative. I don’t always really feel that way. I’m kind of sensitive when it comes to projects and things that I make. If you don’t tell me you like them I think that you don’t and then my mind goes crazy. LOL It’s weird, I know, but it’s true.

Anyway, I’m supposed to tell you seven interesting things about myself that you don’t know. I hope I can tell you that many. I really don’t think I’m interesting, but here we go…

1. I don’t like mayonnaise on my hamburgers. AT ALL!! If there’s a trace on it I have to wipe it off with a napkin or something! But I LOVE mustard!! LOVE. IT.

2. I’m addicted to eating out. We like to eat on the cheap side at least once a week so that means breakfast foods like pancakes or waffles, but when those nights roll around I never really feel like eating what’s on the menu. So we go out to eat, a lot. It’s a bad habit and I really need to break it. But it’s hard…..

3.¬† Hmmmm… this is really hard… I can’t think of anything else… mmmm… oh, I think up posts and the names of posts while I do other things around the house. Most of them I don’t ever end up writing because I forget about them. I’m special like that:) I do a lot of thinking in the shower, I hope that’s not too much information, but it’s the truth.

I had to take a little break to think of more and to take care of kids and stuff… Also to think of more stuff. I thought of something at dinner and now I can’t remember it and it’s driving me crazy!! I am a very weird person! Not sure if I’m interesting, but I’m wierd! OOOOOooooh I remember!!

4. When I’m really tired or just really excited I’ll laugh uncontrollably for a long time. It’s fun and something I like to do. I don’t know why, but it’s weird/interesting, right? lol Mark thinks it’s weird.

5. I have THE WEIRDEST/interesting dreams. They are so off the wall that I don’t bother sharing them with anyone because they would think I’m psycho. I used to share them with Mark at least, but I don’t even do that now. lol My latest that I can remember? …. mmmm that’s asking a lot…. I think I was at my Grandpa’s house reading a magazine but I was somewhere else at the same time? I don’t really remember, but it was weird.

6. I HAVE to wear socks to bed. Unless I am unusually hot, otherwise I always have them on in bed. I do get hot in the middle of the night sometimes and pull them off, but for the most part I leave them on. The summer is really the only exception to this weirdness. And, sometimes, if I get hot and pull them off in the night, but then my feet get cold again I’ll grab them in my half asleep mode and when I wake up in the morning my feet are still bare and my socks are laying next to me in the bed! lol That’s my favorite thing:) I think it’s hilarious I can’t stay awake long enough to put them on!

7. I love to read, but I rarely do it. I just don’t have time because when I start a book I don’t like to put it down until I’m down and I can’t always just sit around and read, as much as I’d like to. But that’s ok, I get reading in every now and then and I get to craft more often so that makes me happy:)

Now I’m supposed to nominate my 7 favorite blogs. They’re mostly craft blogs and I’m not posting them in any special order. I don’t know that I really have any favorites so don’t be hurt if you’re number 7 or ecstatic if you’re number 1. I think anyone that makes a blog is very ambitious in putting themselves out there.

1. Keeping it Simple. I love Kaysi’s blog! She’s a mother and very successful crafter. she’s been on news channels and gone to many blog conferences. She’s a great blogger and I love all the crafts she posts about. I’ve gotten many ideas from her:)

2. Live, Laugh, Rowe. Another amazing, down-to-earth crafter. She does some amazing crafts and I love to participate  in her link parties.

3. Kar’s Kith and Kin. This is my best friend, Karlenn. She is an amazing mother of 4!! She is all on her own right now while her husband is working in China and has been for the past 4 months or more, I think. She is an AWESOME mom and friend! She is always thinking about everyone else around her more than herself and I love reading her blog. It’s hilarious! She is a really good writer and such a fun person!! Thanks so much for being such a good friend Kar!!

4. Someday Crafts. I love going to Michelle’s blog for craft ideas. She has recently turned the blog over to another blogger because she is working for the jewelry company Paparrazzi and is pursuing that for the summer. I would like to do so myself, but I have no time! But it sounds like fun:)

5. Southern Lovely. I love the look and feel of this blog. Her projects are so fun and bold. I LOVE the Mod Podge Canvas she did on Friday. SO CUTE!! I would love to make cute decorations for my house, but I just don’t know where to start and I don’t really have anywhere to put them. Should I just make them anyway? My heart is saying yes, my head no.

6. Sew Can She. All I have to say is CUTE & FREE patterns. How can it get any better than that? There was a layered skirt posted last week that I totally want to make for myself, not to mention for little girls. I’m in love. Now I just have to get back into the groove of sewing. If I stop for a few days I loose my synergy.

7. Haute to Sew. I love Meredith!! She and I are alike in more than one way. We are both crafters and love it AND my favorite part is we’re both photographers. Yes, she’s a school photographer and I’m the total opposite, but I still feel a kindred connection to her:) I fell in love with her blog the moment I saw it. When I found out she was a photographer I almost keeled over. haha. We recently did a guest post on each others blogs and it was so much fun!! If you haven’t been to her blog go NOW!! she does some fun posts, like, pinteresting posts weekly and sewing tips as well. LOVe it!:)

I know I’m forgetting tons of amazing bloggers, but I can’t fit all of them into the 7 I am allotted. You can view a lot of them on my side bar.

Well, Thanks for stopping by! If you were nominated for this award you need to do a post like this. If you don’t want to that’s cool, but it’s kinda fun doing it:) I hope you have a great week! Enjoy your fourth!

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  1. I loooooveeeee youuuuuuuuuu toooooooooo!!! And I’m happy to be home for the rest of the summer so that we can eat out when we shouldn’t together. And so we can craft together.

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