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Let’s Get Organized ~ Back to School Style!!

Happy Labor Day! I’m out enjoying the day with my family, but I thought I’d give you a little something to read if you have some down time today:)

I don’t know about you but I CANNOT WAIT for tomorrow to come!! It should have come about 3 weeks ago, in my opinion!! WHY on earth would you wait until SEPTEMBER to start school?!! It’s Ridiculous! Then they won’t get out until the middle of June and the summer is already half way over by then. (Can you tell I’m annoyed with our school district? This is the first year they’ve gone back to school this late in the last 6 years. Why the change NOW?!! :P)

Anyway, we’re all ready for the school year to start and meet new friends and teachers. My 7 year old has been asking me since last Monday if it was a school day yet!! Haha! I LOVE that he still loves going to school. I hope he still loves it when he’s in junior high and high school!

Ok, now onto the organizing…. The month of August was Hard for me. I kind of gave up on doing chores some days and decided it was more important for everyone to just play and have fun. Now it’s back to business. Before the summer started getting really busy I was working in my craft room. I have kept it kind of clean in the last 2 weeks and I’m really proud of myself for that! I’ve also kind of lost my mojo for organizing and cleaning since about the middle July so I’m excited to get back into doing that again. I don’t know what it is, but having the boys home hasn’t made me very excited about organizing or cleaning this summer. I’m glad to be getting back to normal.

My plan for this week is to establish an after school routine that will work with the boys having to do homework and chores. I’m not going to make it anything huge because they sometimes don’t get home from school and therapy sessions until 4:15. I have a cute little clip board that I’m going to hang onto the metal board we have upstairs in the kitchen and switch out each chore they have for the day. They can choose to do it in the morning or after school. Part of their night time routine will now include doing homework and making a lunch for the next day.

Here’s a preview of what I’ll be working on this week:


I’m really excited about this project and the upcoming week. I have high hopes, I hope they don’t get dashed! :)’

So this week I’ll be working on organizing our daily schedules to get back into the routine of school and homework and chores and all that fun stuff. I’m not used to doing the chores on my own since I’ve been having the kids do them and only helping them throughout the summer and I know that if I wait to have them do chores like clean the bathroom and vacuum their bedroom after school it’ll never get done, so I will more than likely be taking over all of the chores and doing them myself. I will still have them do smaller chores, like dishes and cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash, but nothing too extensive. I want them to have a life outside of school, homework, therapy and chores! 🙂

I am also going to come up with a daily schedule for myself and stick to it. I’m still using the time blocking printable I got from Just a Girl and Her Blog. I’ve been really thinking about changing up the way I do things with eating and working out. I really want to get into shape and lose A LOT of weight so you’ll probably be hearing more about that again. I used to blog about my workouts, but I kind stopped doing them after a while and I miss that. It was fun to have time to focus on me and my body and what I need. I’ll probably start doing weekly posts to help keep me motivated. I’m looking for a good workout routine for losing weight so if you know of one I’d love to hear about it!!

What are your plans for this week? Are you kids starting school too or have they been in school for a while? What are you going to organize? I’m going to make up a list of the rooms I’m going to do for the coming months to help me get motivated to start organizing again, so look forward to that coming soon! My boys’ room is in the near future, it needs A LOT of help!! *SIGH*

Well, thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday!

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  1. Ooh Megan,I love your fire! I’ve kind of lost my cleaning mojo and have been forcing myself to keep up. I should do a little yoga or something myself, I hate excersize but it really keeps my energy up throughout the day.

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