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Valentine’s Day Breakfast Idea ~ XOXO pancakes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a recipe post and I’ve been dying to do one, so here we are today! I found the idea for these Valentine’s Day pancakes on pinterest, but I didn’t actually pin them, for some reason! But you can search for ‘xoxo pancakes’ and there are a few pictures. I think the pin I found was from Trish over at Mom on Time Out, but I couldn’t find the post on her blog.


Anyway, they were REALLY easy to make! All you need is your pancake mix of choice, we usually use Krusteaz, a squirt bottle or funnel and a pan to cook the pancakes in.



I used a funnel and plugged up the end when I moved from each end point to the next beginning. Can you tell which one was the first I made?! I started to “write” an ‘x’ but the mix came out faster than I thought so it was pretty much a glob instead of an ‘x’.


The second ‘x’ worked out much better and the ‘o’ was really easy.


Jonas, my 9 year old, loved eating the ‘x’! He dove right into it before I could take a picture of them.


He felt pretty special that I made these pancakes for him!


I made another ‘x’ for my 3 year old, but Jonas ended up eating it and giving Tini his ‘o’.



Jonas also gave Tinian the globby ‘x’. Jonas said as he handed it over, “It looks like a key!” I thought that was pretty cute! It did look like a key and Tinian started trying to unlock the circle/’o’


Needless to say, Tinian only played with the food.

It was a fun treat for them, even though Tinian wasn’t a fan of it and Jonas would only eat the ‘x’. I guess you can’t win every time when you’re a mom!

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have a great Thursday! I’ll be back tomorrow with a tutorial from my best friend, she makes cards and they’re always SO gorgeous!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Breakfast Idea ~ XOXO pancakes

  1. You are the best mom EVER! Your kids will always remember all of this cool stuff you did for them. I look up to you so much! And I can’t wait until tonight! Card-making, here we come! Eeeee!

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