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2015 Crafting, Blogging & YouTube Goals

Hello again everyone!! I am excited about this post today. It will mainly just be a brain dump of sorts so if you don’t read it, I totally don’t blame you! I have so many ideas going around in my head that I just wanted/needed to write them down and blog about them so they’re out there and not just in my head. Does that make sense? It makes me feel so much better to “get them off my chest” so to speak.

Let’s start of with Crafting first….

My Craft Goals for 2015:

* Scrapbook 2 pages a week for a total of  104 pages at the end of the year

* Make 5 birthday cards a week (or do a binge birthday card making session and do make 20 in 1 sitting.)

* Sew at least one day a week. (It would be ideal to sew more than I scrapbook since last year was my year of scrapbooking, but I don’t know if that will happen. I miss sewing a lot, but I know if I only sew, I will miss scrapbooking a bit more than I do with sewing. I love sewing, but scrapbooking is my Thing, you know?)

* Clean craft room immediately after using it!!!

* Do more crafts each month and do more with my kids too. (My son, Brynnan, loves to be artsy and do crafty things, but I just don’t take the time to let my kids be creative. It’s just so messy and takes a lot of time and then I have to clean it all up… excuses, excuses, I know! That’s why I want to start doing more crafts with them. I know all three of them will have fun doing it! And they all just got coloring kits from Santa Claus too, so we better start using them I guess!)

Blog Goals for 2015:

* Make up a weekly schedule and stick to it

* Write up the posts at least 2 weeks in advance so they will be scheduled and ready to go. (I hate feeling like I am letting everyone down by not posting, even though it’s not really true, I am really letting myself down by not sticking to a schedule, and that bothers me to no end!)

* Do more crafts to share on the blog. (This past year I’ve been doing more YouTube and scrapbooking so I want to get back into making all sorts of crafts as well as scrapbooking.)

* Maybe do a recipe post once a month or every other week

* Maybe look into having contributors on my blog

YouTube Goals for 2015:

* I want to post a video every day of the week at the beginning of the year and maybe go to every other day during the summer while my kids are home. I have about 30 videos that I need to do voice overs for. I am going to schedule them for January and February, and once those are all done I’ll move on to newer videos.

* Do different themes on different days, Monday ~ Scrap Stash kit layout, Tuesday ~ Silhouette cut layout, Wednesday and Fridays ~ Studio Calico kits from 2014, Saturdays ~ Scrapbook Challenge with Roni Sue Scrapper. I haven’t figured out what to do on Thursday yet, if you have any ideas let me know!! What do you want to see in 2015? I have cute little names for each day too, but that will be a surprise.

* Blog about all the videos I post on my channel

* Do a voice over every day so I can stay on top of my schedule (I will probably only do this for the first part of the year, it just depends on how many layouts I do a week and how many I post a week. I would like to be able to stay ahead of my schedule by a week and since I have about 30 videos already done, I am thinking I will be able to keep that up for the first few months.)

Those are all of my goals for the different “work” revenues I put upon myself. I say work, but really these are the fun things in my life! I don’t have to do these things, but its fun for me and makes me happy.

Thanks for stopping by today! If you have any suggestions for me on what kind of crafts or scrapbooking you’d like to see I would love you to leave me a comment! I am all ears!

Well, have a great Friday!! I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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