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A Little Honesty and Unplugging

A good blogging friend of mine, Amy from One Artsy Mama, wrote up a post about a game she and her husband made up called the “honestly game”. Go on over to her blog and read about it! I LOVE the idea!

Soooo…. today we’re going to play the honestly game.

Honestly, I’ve known for a long time that I’ve been neglecting my family and house responsibilities because of my crafty blog and all the crafting and fun stuff I’ve been wanting to do over the last 8 months or more. I kept telling myself that once I got my 30 sewing projects done before my 30th birthday everything would go back to normal. The only thing is that, this new way of doing things by neglecting everything, WAS the new NORMAL. How do you go back to the old way if you can’t really remember it?

It’s hard for me to balance both blogging/crafting and being the mom/wife at the same time so I am going to focus on my family in the coming weeks and getting back to life as usual. It’s really hard being a blogger. I first did it for fun and it has kind of turned into something more. I still really enjoy sharing all the crafty things I do, but I also feel like I HAVE to blog and if I don’t then I’ve failed. So, I’m going to work on enjoying blogging again as well during this little break. I’m hoping to come back in mid-June full force. I might pop in every once in a while to update you on something. I DO have to give you a bathroom reveal post…. I’ve been putting that one off for WAY too long!!

So, I won’t be totally gone, just a little. I have some fun stuff up my sleeves for when I get back, like a sew-along, which I’m totally excited about!! And I also have some amazing guest bloggers that will pop up in the next couple of weeks too, so look forward to that!

Oh, and honestly, I know that I blog every Monday about my organizing plans for the week, but the last month or so, I haven’t been getting it all accomplished. I’m lucky if I get one thing from my list accomplished! My organizing and cleaning mojo has gone out the window!! I hope that by not holding myself to such high expectations every day I will be able to get back on track with it all!

Now it’s your turn to be honest! Tell us something you’ve been afraid to say. I’ve been putting this off for way too long. My family is REALLY what matters!

I hope you’ll keep coming back and that I won’t lose you completely! You can subscribe to my RSS feed so you’ll know when I do put up a new post. I really appreciate all the nice and wonderful comments you leave! It honestly makes my day!! Thank you so much for helping my blog grow!

2 thoughts on “A Little Honesty and Unplugging

  1. Good for you, Megs. Honestly, I think I should clean more at night instead of cardmaking. But I clean all day long, dang it!!! I don’t know. It’s hard, because we need to have that creative outlet so we don’t go crazy, but we have to keep it balanced with all of our responsibilities. It’s tough.

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