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Saturday at the Market

***UPDATE*** Go to the bottom to read up on how it went!! 🙂


I’m trying it out again…. I have a feeling it won’t go well….. AGAIN. Despite the fact that I spent this last week making bows and adding them to my inventory.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I will update you once it’s over!







**UPDATE** Now, at 4:00, I am home and relaxing after the market. It went ok. I did sell some things. #1 I SOLD THE 4TH OF JULY DRESS!!!!! (I was so excited!! I literally felt like jumping for joy!! That was the happiest moment of my day… is that sad?:) #2 My monkey applique bib (The one that I made while visiting my mom in March. Did I ever post about that? I really should, shouldn’t I? It was my most favorite bib I’ve made. I think I’ll have to make more now that it’s gone!!)

I was talking to a few of the other vendors and no one has been doing very good, except for the Paparrazzi jewelry lady. I’m sure she probably left with $200 or more, shaming my $40 by 200%! *SIGH* I totally want to get into that now! Have you heard of it? I LOVE it!! Everything is $5! SO affordable and SO CUTE!! I love it!! It was fun being next to her. We talked and chatted throughout the morning and afternoon. She was really nice!! I’m glad I met her:)

I guess the lady in charge of the Market is trying to find a better place for us to go to. There’s a K-mart by me that has a HUGE parking lot and apparently that’s a place she’s considering. If they go there I think I’d try it out. I definitely need to make more of everything though. It’s by the mall so it would definitely bring a bigger crowd!! I hope they do move!

Anyway, so today was much more successful than the last time! I am glad for that, but still a little bummed I didn’t do Great!  It has been a good experience, none the less.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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