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A Clean Look

I get daily organizing tips from Martha Stewarts website. I like to glance at them, but they aren’t usually practical for me, because of my budget or just because they’re for things I don’t have a need for, but I still like to get them. It makes me feel like I’m trying:)

Anyway, the tip for yesterday was for the office desk. This is the picture that was included in the email:

If only I could afford your over priced prettied up cardboard boxes, Martha. If only…..

Am I right, though? Those things cost an arm and a leg, when I can just use ones I get in the mail and cover them in fabric or something along those lines. Yes, I have to spend money on the fabric, but at least it’s something I don’t mind purchasing. LOL But, I really do wish that I could afford Martha Stewart’s line of organizing products.

Although, I did go to Michael’s yesterday with my plasma card loaded with more than $50. That’s a bad time to go! LOL PLUS they were having some amazing sales!! I spent $53 on 3 scrapbook albums, 1 pad of cardstock patterned paper, 2 layered stickers, a refill cartridge for my Xyron sticker maker AND 2 CUTE photo boxes. I thought that wasn’t too bad of a price for all the stuff I got!

I decided to use my new photo boxes for fabric scraps and sewing notions. My husband and I recently freed up a big bookshelf and put it in the playroom, which I’m hoping will someday become my craft room. I have been putting my fabric stash on this bookshelf, not really in an organized fashion, but at least it’s off of my desk! lol

Anyway, I made labels with my label maker and stuck my new boxes and scrapbooks on a shelf. It looks so pretty! I have decided that I’m going to go back and buy some more of those boxes tomorrow and start using those instead of what I’m already using on my shelves. I hope they have enough of the design I want! LOL

This is the whole bookshelf. Like I said, it’s not very organized yet. I’ve placed some odds and ends on it as well because they were on other things we had to repurpose during the switch.

These are my unused scrapbooks and the new photo boxes. I LOVE the stripes and the white with the beige colors!!:) The new scrapbooks I bought yesterday are on the far left, brown, light blue and coral pink. They were only $10.

And here are the photo boxes. I’m in love with them. Don’t they just look so nice and clean on the shelf? I’m really excited about this purchase!! I am totally sold on the boxed look. I used to love the look of baskets, but not now… well, ok, I guess it depends on what you’re using them for:)

And, here’s a sneak peak at a future sewing project:

I’m excited about it, but have no idea when I’ll actually get it done! I really need to get moving on those Mario quilts for the boys. I don’t think there’s any hope of me getting them done in time for Christmas. Hopefully, by next Christmas at least!:)

What are you working on or organizing this week? What do you like to organize with? I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts! Thanks for stopping by today!!

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