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Tune-In Tuesday

Well, you already know that I don’t have any weekly recap on my organizing or cleaning from last week. Sorry!! But I do have some other fun stuff planned for today:)

First off, have you been in Walmart lately? I have been there a few times since Christmas and all of their coats are on sale for 50% off!!! That is a HUGE deal! I totally bought some new coats for the boys next year! Hopefully they’ll fit and not be too small, but I’m pretty sure that they’ll work out. And they only cost $12!! AWESOME!! I love a good deal!



The boots are also on sale for 50% off! I bought some for Jonas who still needed some. Only $9! YES!! It just made my day! I’m so tempted to go back and buy more for next year!!

I also want to share with you an idea I got from a friend who found a great blog with a schedule all fixed up for reading all 4 standard works in the year 2013! I was a bit overwhelmed by the schedule. It was A LOT of reading!! I had a hard time keeping up, and I’m still having a little trouble. While my hubs and I were on our anniversary trip at the beginning of the month I decided that I would shave off some of the reading. My goal was to read the Book of Mormon from start to finish, so I decided that’s what I would focus on.

I am following the schedule for the Book of Mormon pages, and if I get a little behind I don’t mind because at the rate the schedule is laid out, I’ll be done with the Book of Mormon in August. So, I’ll have a little leeway there. Once I’m done reading the Book of Mormon, I plan on starting the Doctrine & Covenants.

I printed off the schedule and decided to laminate it and then cut out each month to use as a bookmark. That way I would always have a quick reference to know what pages I was supposed to be reading. I bought some 8×10 self laminating sheets at walmart and got to work:


I printed off the schedule and cut out each month.



I put them on 2 separate laminating sheets, then I cut them out to make individual bookmarks for each month.


My spot where I’m at. I’m a little behind right now, which I’m ok with, like I said before. I’ve actually only been reading about 1 chapter a day the past few days because life has been so crazy. If I have time to read at night I usually will read more, but most days I read when I wake up so that I make sure and get it done. I also feel like this helps my day go better.


Here they are all laminated and cut out. Make sure if you do it this way that you don’t cut through the bubble part so the lamination will stay in tact.


I store the rest of the bookmarks in my scripture case.

I’m really glad I found this website! If you’re interested go check it out! It has a lot of other great things for families too!

Thanks for stopping by!!


4 thoughts on “Tune-In Tuesday

  1. We got some of the pink boots for Libby. They haven’t done clearance boots this early in awhile it seems. Last year they didn’t at all I think- probably because no one needed them 🙂
    Good job on the reading!

  2. Tune-in Tokyo! (Have you seen Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Otherwise, you may not get that joke.) You’re such a good girl. I need to be better with my reading. I do so much studying for my class that I sometimes justify not reading every night, which is naughty.

    1. I would probably be the same way. Instead I read what I want during the week and about an hour before church I start preparing my lesson. LOL I teach the sunbeams so it’s not as hard of a lesson to be prepared for, but I still need to be better about preparing for it!

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