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Scrappy Challenge

Hello my scrappy friends! I am back today with a fun scrappy challenge for you!! If you don’t already know, I have a group on facebook that I host with Roni Sue Scrapper called Scrappy Challenges and we like to do fun things to challenge us while scrapbooking. It’s been a while since we did a challenge so last week we picked one out and all scrapbooked using it. This time around Jennifer challenged us to scrapbook using a holiday themed collection without a holiday photo or a holiday photo with a non themed holiday collection. I chose to do the latter and I had so much fun using the newish Illustrated Faith You Are Loved collection.


This is the layout I ended up making. I really like how it turned out! This collection is super fun and has really bright and lovely colors.


The embellishments I used were from the Clique Kits December 2016 kit. I really love this kit that they put together!!


These acetate arrows were so cute, I just had to include them!!


I did a little bit of journaling about the photos and I really was happy with how I didn’t go over board with that. I have a tendancy to ramble on with my journaling, but this just flowed really well.


My title was simple and very straight forward. Sometimes, those are just the best title, at least in my opinion!

You can watch my process video below:

I hope you have a wonderful and scrappy week! Make sure to come on over to the facebook group to check out all the other layouts!



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Scrapbook Process Video Season 2 (2015) Episode 16 ~ Merry Christmas

Hi, scrapbooking friends! I am excited about today because 1.} It’s my BIRTHDAY!! and 2.} I really love this layout. I decided to use up some scraps on this one. I don’t do a lot of layouts like this so it was fun to step out of the box for it!

So, let’s get to the layout!



I really like this candid picture my husband took of me. It felt so good to use up all these scraps! I think I should start doing more layouts like this!







Here’s the process video:


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great day!

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December Daily Kit Share & Cover

Hi my scrappy and crafty friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday! I am here to show you 2 videos of my December Daily process. The first one is of the kit that I used. I applied to be a guest designer for Hydrangea Hippo and Jennifer asked me to be the guest for December. I was so excited because this year I decided to do my first ever December Daily Album. The kit was PERFECT for doing this project and I’m SO glad that I was able to be a guest over there!! The kit is so full and jam packed with stuff that I don’t know if I’ll use everything up any time soon!

Here’s a picture of the kit from the website:


I’m not sure if you can still get this kit if you sign up this month, but Jennifer is wonderful to work with and I’m sure she would love to answer this question for you.


This is the video I did when I got the kit.

From the time I got the kit to when my project was due was a week!! YIKES! Needless to say, I was 2 days late with it, but I am very happy with the end result and I had so much fun making this album! I can’t wait to make one for this year!

This is the video I made of my process while making my cover for the album. I really love how it turned out!

And here are some pictures of the cover…


This kit was a lot of fun to work with because it wasn’t all the same colors throughout the whole kit. There were blues, grays, reds and greens. You don’t often see all of these colors together in a paper pack so it was fun mixing all these papers and playing with the colors.


Thanks so much for stopping by!! I’ll be back in a couple days with some more December Daily posts.


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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

I know it’s the day after Christmas, but I wanted to jump on and wish you a Merry Christmas anyway! We had a wonderful day filled with lots of candy, fun new toys and family time. I was sad when the day was over, but glad for the rest:) I hope you had a great day as well!

I probably won’t be around much until after the 6th of January. My kids are out of school until then so I won’t have much time for blogging or crafting I imagine. I might get in a few kid craft projects, so we’ll see how that goes. I will possibly be back with a year in review post next Monday or Tuesday so MAYBE you can look forward to that.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what crafty things you’ve been up to or what crafty things you got for Christmas! My husband got me a Washi tape dispenser!! And I didn’t even ask for one!! He spoiled me to death this Christmas!! And I’ll be back to share more about it in the near future. And I know you will reap the benefits of some of the presents. Hehe:)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


Free Silhouette Shapes

Good morning, friends! Can you believe there’s only 2 days to Christmas?!! I don’t know about you, but I think I’m even more excited than my kids! 🙂 I remember when I was a kid my dad would always be the first one awake and he would have to wake us up because he was so excited. I think I’m turning into that kind of parent:) (Also, my husband is a REALLY good Santa Claus. 🙂 I don’t ever have to tell him what I want, even though I do, but he always comes up with awesome gifts other than what I tell him. I love it:) Is that selfish….)

Anyway, Silhouette is doing the 12 Days of Christmas and giving away a free shape each day. I think this is a great idea, but I don’t like how you have to search for the shapes. It’s not like the weekly shape where they have a link on their store that’s easy to find. I thought I would put all of the links in one place so you could easily find them! Since it’s only the 23rd, it won’t be ALL of the shapes, but I will add the other ones each day. The first 7 aren’t free anymore, I guess they’re only free during the week they’re up, but they are on sale so they’re only $.75.

Day 1 ~ 3d christmas puzzle

Day 2 ~ hohoho

Day 3 ~ vintage wreath

Day 4 ~ gingerbread man

Day 5 ~ simple trees

Day 6 ~ peppermint

Day 7 ~ merry christmas

Day 8 ~ noel banner

Day 9 ~ birch trees

Day 10 ~ ornaments

Day 11 ~ box with lid

Day 12 ~ Christmas layered tags

The free shape of the week until tomorrow is this adorable Christmas village.


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve! Thanks for stopping by!


Christmas Traditions

Good morning everyone!! How are you this Saturday? I hope well!! I wanted to jump on and talk about and share Christmas tradition ideas. We started a new one this year and the boys have been having SO much fun with it, Elf on the Shelf.

As I told you on Thursday we have a Christmas Eve tradition of opening Christmas pj’s and wearing  them to bed. That’s not the only Christmas Eve tradition we have, though.

When I was a kid my parents got divorced, I was ten. We didn’t get to see my Dad every Christmas because he lived in another state than we did, but when he did come out to visit us for Christmas we would always go see a movie. When he’s not living in the same town there’s really not much to do with 5 kids in a hotel room! It was always fun to go with Dad and get popcorn, candy, drinks, and whatnot and just spend the day enjoying each other.

Mark and I were talking about doing more traditions with the kids about 3 years ago, maybe it was 2, I’m horrible at remembering. I told him how my Dad would take us to see a movie on Christmas. He thought that was a fun idea so we decided to start doing that every year. We don’t often take our kids to see movies since it costs SO much to get in and then buying popcorn and drinks and candy is SO expensive, it’s just too much! PLUS, having a 3 year old doesn’t really work well with going to the movies! Last year we got a babysitter and are still eternally indebted to them.

This year, I think we’re going to try taking him. Tinian has been better about sitting and watching movies and staying interested so I’m really hoping we won’t regret bringing him along! We’re planning on seeing the movie ‘Frozen’. We’ve heard some really great things about it and I’m getting more excited to see it each day! 🙂

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A Christmas Eve Tradition ~ Simple Christmas Pajama Pants

Sorry I’ve been so MIA this week!! I had the whole week planned out and posts were going to be scheduled and organized aaaand, as you can tell, that did NOT happen!! I have been SO tired and busy this week that I was lucky to get ANYTHING at all done. Especially housework, not to mention all the crafts I had planned for the week. I miss my non busy/holiday schedule. I LOVE this time of year, but it just goes by WAY too fast!!

Anyway, I thought that I would post up a simple project today. It is literally the EASIEST sewing you’ll ever do in your life!! I have a few different pins on pj pants, but the only file I found on my computer was from Sew Can She. I wanted to link to her post, but I can’t seem to find it. SORRY! So, I’ll send her an email asking about it and update this post later if she gives me the link.

In the mean time, you can check out the other two pajama links on my sewing board on pinterest HERE and HERE (on the last link, I keep getting a 523 error so that one might not be available anymore. Sorry!).

Basically all you do is cut out the pattern, sew crotch sides together, fold it flat and sew the legs together, then hem the bottom and top and add elastic. Easy peasy!

Here are my 3 boys’ finished Christmas Pajamas. I bought a white shirt for 2 of them to go with it and a red one for my middle kid. christmaspjs1

I made 2 size 7’s and 1 size 3. I’m so excited for them to open them up on Christmas Eve!



They took a total of about 4 hours to make, probably less, but that was only because I kept getting interrupted AND I was really tired! 😛 It really shouldn’t take that long to sew up one pair of these. Maybe about an hour at the most, 30 minutes if you’re really fast at sewing, unlike me.




Our Christmas Eve tradition for the last 3-4 years has been to open up one present and that present is always Christmas pj’s. Even my husband and I buy each other pj’s and wear them to bed that night. The boys LOVE doing this and have never complained about it. I’m sure if we started doing it when they were older it would’ve been harder.

My step sister, Justine, actually gave me the idea. I think she mentioned it when we were all living at home, but we never did it and then one year my husband and I decided it would be fun to start more traditions with our kids during this time of year and this became one of them. I like it because they look forward to what new Christmasy pj’s they’re going to get. They’re always happy and there’s no fighting over toys on Christmas Eve. I don’t really remember how we used to do it. I don’t remember the kids fighting or anything, but I liked the idea of everyone getting the same gift on Christmas Eve.

I’m also making some Christmas pants for my best friends’ kids and I CANNOT wait to give them to her kiddos!! I need to get my butt into gear and sew them up for them this weekend! This holiday is just going by WAY too fast!!

Thanks for stopping by! I have something a little different going on tomorrow some come over to see it! I hope you’re having a great Thursday!

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10 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello there! I’m glad to be here again today to share with you a great list of some easy homemade gifts. I’ve seen a LOT of wonderful ideas on pinterest and from my blogging friends so I’m going to share some of them with you now:

1. DIY Multi Strand Scarf diyscarfrabbitfood

2. Jersey Knit Bracelet


3. Nativity Advent Calender


4. Snowmen Cocoa jars (I love this idea!! You could use baby food jars for this and they would be the PERFECT size!)


5. Nativity Blocks

nativity block keepingitsimple

6. Bath Salts



7. Christmas Tic Tacs Christmastictacssusan


8. Dollar Store Mug with treats



9. Lace Candles lacecandleser


10. Sunglasses Case Sunglass CaseMel


These are just a few of the great ideas out there on the internet! I hope you’ll visit these blogs and tell them I sent you! Good luck in your final gift making endeavors! Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Snowflake Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

Good Morning!! I’m sooooo excited to show you this project I’ve been working on! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get it done and figure out how to make it look right and I finally did that last week! Woohoo!!

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen a certain picture I posted of a cute little ornament idea I got from going to a Stampin’ Up party. I also posted my finished version earlier last week, so you might have already seen this, but I am here today to give you the tutorial on HOW to make this adorable ornament!! It’s really easy once you get the pieces all cut out.

At the Stampin’ Up party I used a Big Shot with some framelets, I think that’s what they’re called, to get the snowflake shapes I needed cut out, but since I don’t have a big shot, but I DO have a Silhouette Cameo, I got to work figuring out what snowflake shapes would look the best with the design I wanted. It sounds easy, but I made it really hard! lol I probably bought about 10 different snowflake shapes and tested them out before I was completely happy!! I will put the links to the shapes I used at the end of the post so you can buy them from the Silhouette Online Store if you want to. All shapes are 50% off right now so it would be a perfect time to buy!

Ok, I have 2 different ways for you to view the how to… I made a couple videos because I thought it was easier to explain how to do it that way, but if you don’t want to watch the video I will also include the step by step picture versions too.

First we’ll do the picture step by steps:


Step 1 – Cut out your shapes with whatever medium you have. Gather them together once they’re done.


Step 2 – Get your glue gun ready with your biggest snowflake. You’ll need to fold the snowflake 2 different directions. You can watch the first video to see how I folded mine.


Step 3 – Place a dab of glue on your surface


Step 4 – Squish your snowflake on top of the dab of glue toward the middle of the snowflake where the hole is. If you have a Silhouette you can make dashed lines on your snowflake to make it easier to fold.


Step 5 – Do the same thing with the little snowflake.




Step 6 – Cut your twine to whatever length you want it and place it in the middle of the bottom snowflake.


Step 7 – Put a glob of glue in the middle of the snowflake and on top of the twine.



Step 8 – Place your big 3d snowflake on top of the glue and hold it there.


Step 9 – Using the middle part of the blue snowflake, glue it to the top.


Step 10 – Put a dab of glue….


Step 11 – Put the small 3d snowflake on top and hold it until it dries.




Step 12 – Glue on a rhinestone or button, whichever you prefer, to the smallest, top snowflake.


Step 13 – Glue the top snowflake on the top and hold it together until it dries.


And VOILA! You’re done! WHEW! That;s a lot of steps,I didn’t realize how many! I never really timed how long it took me to do each of them, but I made 5 in total and by the time I finish the 5th one I was glad to be done! lol So, if you’re looking for an EASY handmade ornament, this is probably not the right project for you. I really had a lot of fun making these and I LOVE how they turned out!!


The reason I made so many was because I participated in a DIY ornament swap. It was so much fun and I have really enjoyed receiving the ornaments the other ladies in my group made!! They’re all so different, but so amazing!


Ok, now, if you want to watch the how to videos here they are:

(WARNING: My husband was helping me by recording with the camera for me and I felt really weird talking in this video with him there. He thinks these things are silly, so, if I say anything weird or if I offend you, please forgive me. I know it’s silly to feel nervous with my husband helping me, but I did. Is anyone else like that?!! Also, I kept saying “daub” of glue, I have no idea why. Is that even a word?! LOL Please have patience with me as I embark on this new kind of media. I plan on doing a lot more videos about my crafting. I’m hoping that Santa will bring me a tripod for my iPhone so I can start recording without my hubby!)

This one shows you how to make the 3d snowflakes, the 2 that are in the middle of my snowflake:

This video is how to put the ornament together after you have all your pieces cut out:

Well, thank you for stopping by! I hope the videos and pictures will help you create some ornaments this holiday season! Come back tomorrow to get some ideas for homemade gifts.

Silhouette Online Store Shapes used:

Snowflake Layering Set (I used the first 2 snowflakes from this file for the bottom 4 layers.)

Snowflakes Set (I used the top one on the left from this shape. I took out the middle and just cut the outline and use it for the very top snowflake with the rhinestone.)