Steal of a Deal

Remember how I told you about the Double coupons for Albies you could get on Facebook. Did you print them? I have 2 computers so I was able to print off 6 of them. Wahooo!:) Anyway, I went shopping on Tuesday last week and got some good deals. Remember the Bonus buy yogurt? Well, I… Read More Steal of a Deal


I LOVE Surprises!!

So I went shopping at Target and Albies this morning. I wasn’t buying anything huge, but I was excited about some deals. I didn’t take pictures and I might never again because I just don’t have time! lol I put everything away (because a lot of what I bought was cold) and then remembered about… Read More I LOVE Surprises!!

Couponing, Starting Out


I started couponing in April 2011. The first inserts I got were on April 17th and they were GOOD inserts! Full to the brim of awesome coupons!!! I was soooo excited!! For the first 2 weeks of my couponing journey I kept my coupons in paper envelops. The long business style ones. I didn’t have… Read More Organization


School Shopping

I really hate shopping for school supplies. I just barely got around to really reading the ads and sales going on this week today so I decided we would make a couple stops. #1 Toys R Us They were having a really good sale on Crayola Crayons and my kids need a ton of these.… Read More School Shopping


Crazy Coupon Monday

I love and hate Monday’s. Why? Well, I hate Monday’s because it’s the start of a new week and it was nice having 2 days “off”. Also because they’re so busy trying to get things going again for a new week. I Love Monday’s because of the new sales going on, doubles (if we get… Read More Crazy Coupon Monday