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December Daily Christmas Day!!!! Yay!! (Part 2)

Happy Saturday scrappy friends!! I hope you’re having a great January so far! I have my very last few pages in my December Daily to share with you today!


I just love this last couple of pages!! I had that cute little manila folder in with my December Daily kit and I’m so glad I remembered I had it!! I had a few pictures that I didn’t have enough pockets for so I stuck them inside this little folder.


I decorated the front very cute and simple and I LOVE it!!


This is how the inside turned out. I really love it! Watch the process video below to see the rest of the folder with the photos.


Thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be back soon with an album flip through.



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December Daily Christmas Day!!!! Yay!! (Part 1)

Yayyyy!! I’ve made it to Christmas Day in my December Daily! I am excited to share this last day in my album. Let’s get right to it!



I took a lot of pictures this day, of course so I decided it was ok to do more than just 2 pocket pages. I really LOVE how they all turned out!! Here’s the first 2 pocket pages.


Since I did so many pages for Christmas day I will have 2 posts and videos so they don’t run so long!!


I hope you have been enjoying this Christmas album series I have been doing! It was a lot of fun to make and I’m so glad I finished it before the end of the year! You can watch the process video below:

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a great weekend!


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December Daily Week 4 (Days 18-24)

Hello and Happy New Year!! I can’t believe we got through December!! I hope you all have had a great new year so far! I am slowly getting things together with the new year and making new goals. I will hopefully have a post up next week dedicated to goals and resolutions for the new year.

Let’s jump right into the photos and videos for this weeks December Daily! I am so excited that I have completed the album and will get an album share up soon!


I loved using big photos for quite a few pockets on this day 18. It was a fun day! We made cookies and went driving around town looking at Christmas lights. You can watch the video for days 18 & 19 here.


Day 19 is just one pocket page. I love this pretty snowflake paper and kept the page simple. You can find the video here.


Days 20-22 are very simple and I was able to fit them all in one video together. I have fun making these simple pages with not so many photos. You can watch the process video here.


I was so excited to finally use the cute little elf embellishments on day 21!! You can watch the process video here.


I had a lot of photos and stories to tell on this day. I just embraced it! I like to see lots of photos in my album for december so it doesn’t bother me to do more work on the busier days. You can find the process video here.


And lastly, here is day 24!! I love this spread and the photos from this day!! Christmas Eve is always so exciting!! I took some fun photos of the tree and stockings after Santa had come to our house and decided to include them on this day instead of the 25th because I knew I would have a TON of photos for that day!! You can find the process video here for this day.

I will be back in a couple days with the last day in my album and then a final album flip through! I hope you’re having a great week so far! Thanks for stopping by!!


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December Daily Week 3 (Days 11-17)

Hello again and welcome back to another December daily post! I hope you’re not getting sick of them yet! lol Today I am sharing week 3 with you. I am finally getting caught up and I’m almost finished with the whole album now!!


Day 11 was very simple and I love it!! You can watch the YouTube process video here.


I also kept day 12 simple and just used one pocket page. The video link for this one is here with day 11 as well.


I loved working on days 13 and 14!! I didn’t want to include the journaling in the pocket pages because I had a lot of photos and I included both days in one pocket page. My solution was to make the journaling on a second page. I used a tabbed chipboard page and I love how it turned out! You can watch the process video here.


Day 15 I only had a couple photos from my middle sons Cub Scout pack meeting so I just used one page for that. It turned out cute. You can watch the process video for days 15 & 16 here.


Day 16 I had 5 pictures so I made a little insets for the last 2 photos to be stuck in. I really like that little addition to the album. You can watch the video for this layout on the link above.


The last day of the week I had a lot to journal and many pictures. It had snowed the day before so the boys went out to play. It was a COLD day so I also added a photo of the temperature app from my phone. You can watch the process video here on my channel.

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December Daily Week 2 (Days 4-10)

Hello again my scrapbooking friends!! I hope that you are enjoying keeping up with the month of December!! It is totally kickking my butt! Alas, I am here and trying to get caught up on my December Daily album. Today I’ll be sharing week number 2. I have a lot of pages to show you so I will just jump right in!


Day 4 was a lot of fun to play around with and be creative! I made a couple sequin pockets with a mix from the SpiegelMom Scraps store called Holly Berries. This was the mix I made sure I had 3 packages of for my december daily album! I love it! You can watch the process video for this day here.


I used a lot of photos on this day because the boys had a fun little Christmas activity night at school. You can watch the process video here.


I used the back of a Starbucks paper bag for day 6. I really wanted to focus on the photos and journaling so I kept it simple. You can watch that process video here.


For Day 7 I made this fun sequin page using ephemera from Starbucks. I made this layout for a SpiegelMom Scraps blog post so you can see more photos over there. You can also watch the process video on my channel here.


For Days 8-10 I have one video up on YouTube that you can watch here. When I started scrapbooking these 3 days I kept the layouts a little more simple because I was really behind on my days. I like how I used less photos and did more journaling.


I hope you’re enjoying my December Daily album as much as I am! This is really one of my favorite projects I make throughout the whole year! Thanks for stopping by today!


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December Daily 2016 Week 1 (Days 1-3)

Hello my scrappy friends!! I have decided to blog about my daily december layouts differently. I have been very busy and I’m getting sick so I am just going to focus on a weekly blog post. Here are the first 3 days in my album:


This is the cover of my album. I really love how it turned out. I wanted to keep it really simple.


I LOVE how my layout for Day 1 turned out. It was a good day for the most part. You can find the process video here on my YouTube Channel.


Day 2 I kept to just one pocket page. It was a good day and I left this layout very simple. You can watch the process video here.


I had so much fun making the spread for day 3!!! I think this is one of my favorite pages, at least so far!! You can watch the process video here.


For this layout I did the journaling in a little 3×6 pocket page on the right side. I didn’t want to mess up the design of the layout with journaling so I decided to do my journaling on a different page. I love how it worked out!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! I hope you’re all having a great December!

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December Daily 2016 Day 2

Hello!! I am finally back with my day #2 page!! Sorry I didn’t get this up on the 3rd like I had hoped, but hey, we all get busy. I am a bit more behind on this December project than I wanted to be but I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about it.

Let’s jump right into the layout I made for this day!


I had to use this pocket page with 2 3×4’s and a 4×6 so I printed off my photos really small and cut them up to fit in the 3 pockets.


My husband and I met up for lunch so of course I had to document that!! He always likes to make funny smiley faces for me in photos. lol


I had bought Christmas cereal and Brynnan wanted to photobomb the picture. Silly kid!


I had to document this funny story about Tinian taking off his sock. Such a cutie!

Here’s the process video for you to watch below:

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you have a great one!



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December Daily 2016 Day 1

Hello scrapbooking friends! I have been so busy I haven’t had time to really keep up with December Daily like I had wanted to. It makes me sad, but sometimes we have to let some things go in life.

I finished my day 1 spread and absolutely LOVE it!!


I was so excited about it finally being December that I took a TON of photos that day. I narrowed it down to 6 and printed them off on my canon selphy. I’ve had this little printer for a year now, but this is the first time I’ve ever used it.


I love this picture of Tinian being mad at the peppermint because of the little incident we had with him swallowing his that morning.


I love how I incorporated my title in with the decorated background.


I used some tile alphas in my December Daily kit to do journaling on these two top photos.


I did some more journaling on this green paper with black marker. That was a mistake, but I’m going to leave it like that anyway.

Here you can watch my process video for making this first days spread:

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’re having a great month so far!


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December is HERE!!

Happy December everyone!! I don’t know about you but I am super excited about this month and I have so many plans! I can’t wait to share them all with you!

First up, let’s talk December Daily! If you didn’t know, I posted a video talking about my thoughts on December Daily and how awesome it is. I have changed it to work for me and I have loved doing it these past 2 years, this will be my third year doing it. I have 2 videos up on my YouTube channel so far and you can watch them here and here.

I am planning on printing off my pictures every day after my kids are in bed and working on the layout for that day. The next morning I will finish editing the previous days video and upload it to YouTube sometime in the afternoon. I am really hoping I can keep up with this project and be finished with it on December 26th. If I don’t get it done by then I won’t be upset at myself or anything, but my biggest goal is to be done with it before the new year.

Second, I have a blog post up from earlier today that is a hop with the other SpiegelMom Scraps Sparkler Design Team members. Here’s the link to the post on my blog if you haven’t seen it yet. Make sure you hop along and leave comments!

Thanks for stopping by today!!


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