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Cuts2Luv & SpiegelMom Scraps Blog Hop

Hello everyone, I’m here today for a very special blog hop! The Sparklers and I are very excited to announce our product swap with the fabulous flair shop, Cuts2Luv!! We have been planning this for months and are super excited the day is finally here!! Caroline, from Cuts2Luv, is a total a sweetheart and her flair are wonderful, so be sure to check her shop out HERE.
For today, I’m sharing a layout I created based off a sketch that Jody, the SMS owner and amazing scrapbooker, designed. I used this sketch as my inspiration and this FREE SpiegelMom Scraps cut file to create all my snowflakes. You can find the cut file HERE and the sketch can be saved right from this post.I also used some CUTE flair badges I was given for this swap. You can find them HERE.
Below is my take on this sketch:
I decided to flip it just a little bit. I had this red background paper from a Michaels Recollections paper pad, but there was a journaling area in the bottom right hand corner that I didn’t want to use. My solution was to flip the sketch and cover it up with the blue snowflake paper. I LOVE how it looks flipped like this!
I received 4 cute flair badges from Cuts2Luv and used 3 of them on my layout. They were mostly snow/winter based, which was fitting with the sketch and the photo I wanted to use.
I actually only used one photo and stretched it over 3 frames to use like the sketch suggested. I really love how the black mat just makes the snow pop off the page!
I wanted to use some mixed media on some of the snowflakes so I pulled out my Snow Way Man Vibez, Gummy Berry Blue Dazzlerz, and Foiled Again Dazzlers. I also used the Cozy sequin Mix.
Look at that cute snowflake flair!! Isn’t it just perfect?! I love it!!
I had a so much fun combining the products from these two companies. They look so awesome together! I hope you enjoy what I’ve created for you today and enjoy the rest of the hop! Remember to leave comments on all the designers blogs to be entered to win a couple fabulous prizes from each company!
Thanks for stopping by! Now you’re off to Sandra’s blog. I know you’ll just love her project!
You can also watch my process video HERE or below! I hope you have enjoyed this layout as much as I did!










Easter Craft at ABAAB Today!

I’m over at A Bird and A Bean today with a cute and simple Easter craft. Come on over to see what I made! I hope you enjoy it!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll hopefully have an update for you about how Kids Clothing Week is going. We’re nearly done!

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Pinterest Pick ~ Valentine’s Day Card


Hello everyone!! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good because it started to “warm” up finally. We had about 6 inches of snow last week and if finally started melting. I can kind of see the grass in the backyard now! 🙂


Anyway, I am really excited about this card I made last week! I am not very creative when it comes to making cards. I talked about that in my post last Friday when I had my friend, Karlenn, do a process video on how to make a Valentine’s Day card. I had to make some of my own cards for a card club I belong to so I sat down last Sunday and Monday nights and made up some cards that turned out to be SO much cuter than I thought they would. I searched on pinterest and found this cute card and fell in LOVE with it immediately! I can never seem to make the cards I see on pinterest look as cute as the original though, so my hopes weren’t too high. Maybe that’s why it turned out so well? 🙂

Anyway, here’s the finished version of the card.


If you want to see my process on how I made this card you can watch the video below on youtube. While you’re there don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! I’m going to start doing scrapbooking process videos soon.


After making the process video I decided the little love layered paper would look better if I used pop dots under it instead of regular glue so the last two pictures are of the ones I made after the video. I am going to give this one to my husband because it’s my favorite 🙂



Can you tell it’s kinda sticking up off the card? I absolutely LOVE pop dots! They’re awesome! I found some tutorials on how to make your own so I will be sharing that on my blog later in the year.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re having a great Monday!


Free Silhouette Shapes

Good morning, friends! Can you believe there’s only 2 days to Christmas?!! I don’t know about you, but I think I’m even more excited than my kids! 🙂 I remember when I was a kid my dad would always be the first one awake and he would have to wake us up because he was so excited. I think I’m turning into that kind of parent:) (Also, my husband is a REALLY good Santa Claus. 🙂 I don’t ever have to tell him what I want, even though I do, but he always comes up with awesome gifts other than what I tell him. I love it:) Is that selfish….)

Anyway, Silhouette is doing the 12 Days of Christmas and giving away a free shape each day. I think this is a great idea, but I don’t like how you have to search for the shapes. It’s not like the weekly shape where they have a link on their store that’s easy to find. I thought I would put all of the links in one place so you could easily find them! Since it’s only the 23rd, it won’t be ALL of the shapes, but I will add the other ones each day. The first 7 aren’t free anymore, I guess they’re only free during the week they’re up, but they are on sale so they’re only $.75.

Day 1 ~ 3d christmas puzzle

Day 2 ~ hohoho

Day 3 ~ vintage wreath

Day 4 ~ gingerbread man

Day 5 ~ simple trees

Day 6 ~ peppermint

Day 7 ~ merry christmas

Day 8 ~ noel banner

Day 9 ~ birch trees

Day 10 ~ ornaments

Day 11 ~ box with lid

Day 12 ~ Christmas layered tags

The free shape of the week until tomorrow is this adorable Christmas village.


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve! Thanks for stopping by!


10 Teacher Gift Ideas


I always think about what to give my kids’ teachers and therapists for weeks on end before I finally decide on what to do. I don’t know why I do it that way. I just want it to be THE perfect gift and for them to know they are appreciated.

I thought I would share 10 of the finalists on my list this year:

1. Cozy Toes


2. Merry and “Sprite”


3. Christmas Pouches



4. Snowmen & Santa Gum wraps christmasteachergiftideas3

5. Milk Carton Treat Holder


6. Used Pencil Star


7. Mistle Toes Gift bag


8. Twine wrapped Star ornament


9. Rice Krispie Treat Trees


10. Holly Jolly Christmas Treat bag



My original idea was to make the pencil star into an ornament and then make a printable to go with it that said, “Thanks for helping me shine.”, but the only kind of pencils we have are the decorated ones and I thought it would be fun to use old ones from the teachers classroom. Well, I decided it might be too much of a problem to ask my boys’ teachers to send home some pencils for them to do a craft project. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, but I’m already driving myself crazy with other crafts needing to get done so I found the twine wrapped star ornament idea from pinterest. I had settled on that one for sure and then I went shopping at Walmart and came up with a different idea all together. I will post about it this week once I get it all finished up. I’ll give you a hint though, the rice krispie treat tree was my inspiration. 🙂

Well, thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see the teacher gift I ended up making!


Snowflake Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

Good Morning!! I’m sooooo excited to show you this project I’ve been working on! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get it done and figure out how to make it look right and I finally did that last week! Woohoo!!

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen a certain picture I posted of a cute little ornament idea I got from going to a Stampin’ Up party. I also posted my finished version earlier last week, so you might have already seen this, but I am here today to give you the tutorial on HOW to make this adorable ornament!! It’s really easy once you get the pieces all cut out.

At the Stampin’ Up party I used a Big Shot with some framelets, I think that’s what they’re called, to get the snowflake shapes I needed cut out, but since I don’t have a big shot, but I DO have a Silhouette Cameo, I got to work figuring out what snowflake shapes would look the best with the design I wanted. It sounds easy, but I made it really hard! lol I probably bought about 10 different snowflake shapes and tested them out before I was completely happy!! I will put the links to the shapes I used at the end of the post so you can buy them from the Silhouette Online Store if you want to. All shapes are 50% off right now so it would be a perfect time to buy!

Ok, I have 2 different ways for you to view the how to… I made a couple videos because I thought it was easier to explain how to do it that way, but if you don’t want to watch the video I will also include the step by step picture versions too.

First we’ll do the picture step by steps:


Step 1 – Cut out your shapes with whatever medium you have. Gather them together once they’re done.


Step 2 – Get your glue gun ready with your biggest snowflake. You’ll need to fold the snowflake 2 different directions. You can watch the first video to see how I folded mine.


Step 3 – Place a dab of glue on your surface


Step 4 – Squish your snowflake on top of the dab of glue toward the middle of the snowflake where the hole is. If you have a Silhouette you can make dashed lines on your snowflake to make it easier to fold.


Step 5 – Do the same thing with the little snowflake.




Step 6 – Cut your twine to whatever length you want it and place it in the middle of the bottom snowflake.


Step 7 – Put a glob of glue in the middle of the snowflake and on top of the twine.



Step 8 – Place your big 3d snowflake on top of the glue and hold it there.


Step 9 – Using the middle part of the blue snowflake, glue it to the top.


Step 10 – Put a dab of glue….


Step 11 – Put the small 3d snowflake on top and hold it until it dries.




Step 12 – Glue on a rhinestone or button, whichever you prefer, to the smallest, top snowflake.


Step 13 – Glue the top snowflake on the top and hold it together until it dries.


And VOILA! You’re done! WHEW! That;s a lot of steps,I didn’t realize how many! I never really timed how long it took me to do each of them, but I made 5 in total and by the time I finish the 5th one I was glad to be done! lol So, if you’re looking for an EASY handmade ornament, this is probably not the right project for you. I really had a lot of fun making these and I LOVE how they turned out!!


The reason I made so many was because I participated in a DIY ornament swap. It was so much fun and I have really enjoyed receiving the ornaments the other ladies in my group made!! They’re all so different, but so amazing!


Ok, now, if you want to watch the how to videos here they are:

(WARNING: My husband was helping me by recording with the camera for me and I felt really weird talking in this video with him there. He thinks these things are silly, so, if I say anything weird or if I offend you, please forgive me. I know it’s silly to feel nervous with my husband helping me, but I did. Is anyone else like that?!! Also, I kept saying “daub” of glue, I have no idea why. Is that even a word?! LOL Please have patience with me as I embark on this new kind of media. I plan on doing a lot more videos about my crafting. I’m hoping that Santa will bring me a tripod for my iPhone so I can start recording without my hubby!)

This one shows you how to make the 3d snowflakes, the 2 that are in the middle of my snowflake:

This video is how to put the ornament together after you have all your pieces cut out:

Well, thank you for stopping by! I hope the videos and pictures will help you create some ornaments this holiday season! Come back tomorrow to get some ideas for homemade gifts.

Silhouette Online Store Shapes used:

Snowflake Layering Set (I used the first 2 snowflakes from this file for the bottom 4 layers.)

Snowflakes Set (I used the top one on the left from this shape. I took out the middle and just cut the outline and use it for the very top snowflake with the rhinestone.)





A Late Birthday Card for my Nephew


My grandma was always really good about sending birthday cards, even to her great grandkids! I always thought that was so awesome. She passed away last year and since then I have been trying to carry on that tradition for her. I’m not perfect about it. I’ve missed a few birthdays this year, but I’m trying really hard not to miss anyone in the family! I want them to know they’re loved and thought about on their special day!

I have a friend who I buy all my cards from. She’s amazing at making cards! Seriously!! I wish I was as good as she is! She doesn’t do a whole lot of kids birthday cards and she’s been a little busy trying to buy a house so I didn’t want to bother her about it this week. A few weeks ago I started searching pinterest for boy birthday card ideas and I’ve pinned quite a few since them. There were a couple of them that were late birthday cards and I just fell in LOVE with them!! (The link is to the one that I decided to go off of.)

Needless to say, I never decided on what card to make my nephew so, I was able to sit down today, on his actual birthday, and make him a late birthday card. I love how it turned out and it was really easy to make!!


I bought the card premade at Michaels in their $1 bins. I picked out a few scrap pieces of cardstock, a button and some ribbon and got to work! It took about 20 minutes to make, and that’s only because I had the kids home and they kept bothering me.


I used foam adhesives to pop up the little turtle. I LOVE to use foam dots to make things stand out!! I got the turtle shape in the Silhouette store as well as the font I used to have my sketch pens write out ‘Sorry I’m late’. I really need to do a post about sketch pens for you. They are SO much fun!! I love using them, even though I haven’t used them a whole lot. I’m hoping to start using them more with scrapbooking pages.

Well, thanks for stopping by today! That’s it for now, but I’ll be back next week with some more fun crafts.


Construction Paper Turkey Kids Craft


Good morning friends! How are you on this cold November morning? I hope well and not as cold as I am! (Yeah, it’s below FREEZING here right now!! *SIGH*)

I have a fun and easy kids craft to share with you today. It is really so easy and it only took about 30 minutes, including prep time!

Items Needed:

*Consturction paper (brown, red, orange and yellow)

*glue stick


* Silhouette Cameo (this is of course optional! I used my Cameo to cut out all the shapes you see in the picture above, but you can easily make this without a Cameo! In fact, you could use real leaves if you want to.)

Ok, to get started you’ll need to cut out all your pieces, however you choose to do that. I used my Cameo and I don’t think it liked the construction paper!  I had a few technical difficulties:




I adjusted the settings and went to a lower speed, but it still had problems. And the blade is NEW!! I got it a few weeks ago and I haven’t been using it THAT much, at least I don’t think I have…. Now that I think about it, my mats are pretty well used and a few months old. That could possibly be the problem. I don’t know if you can tell, but in the picture above you can see the construction paper is taped to the mat. If I don’t do that the paper comes off, and it’s very frustrating when that happens. I guess it’s time to go back to my Sticky Tutorial post and freshen up my mats!

Anyway, I was able to cut out enough leaves for the kids to use. I babysit a little boy my sons age during the day 3 days a week and sometimes some girls from down the street come over to play as well, so I thought it would be fun to do a craft with all of them. And it really was fun. If you know me at all, you know that I have a hard time doing crafts with my kids. It’s just too stressful. I have a hard time letting go and having them do it their way:) SO, I usually avoid it, but since I only had one of my kiddos doing this craft I thought we would be safe…. and we were! It was actually a LOT of fun!


They each had their own glue sticks, so I think that helped.


Tinian, my 3 year old, got really into it, which I was surprised about. He normally can’t sit still for even 30 seconds, no joke!! (I’m in trouble with this kid!!)


His friend from down the street glued all her leaves to the back of the turkey so you couldn’t see them. Yes, it drove me crazy and I tried to help her fix it, but I gave up and let her do it her way.


I love the serious concentration going on here!


Little D was really good about using the glue and putting the leaves around the turkeys head.


I just had them draw faces on the front of their turkey with markers. I love D’s masterpiece!


Tini was SO proud of his turkey!


And here’s Tinian’s masterpiece of a turkey hanging in it’s rightful spot on the fridge. I love it!

So, I CAN do crafts with kids, as long as it’s other peoples kids! haha… It was a lot of fun and actually my 7 year old came home and saw the one that Tinian and D made and really wanted to make one too. I told him maybe another day so we shall see how long that will hold him off for.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’re having a great day! What Turkey crafts are you working on?


Halloween Treat Box Tutorial

Hello friends! How are you this Halloween Eve morning?!! 🙂 I hope well! I told you I’d be back with a tutorial on how to make the little box that I posted on Monday. Did you miss that post? Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy if you can’t find it! Hehe, it was a guest post over at Mammy 2 Grammy with some cute little witch treats for teachers/therapists.

Well, today I am going to show you how I made the little box with my Silhouette Cameo.

First you need to pick out 2 different colors of cardstock. I went with purple and orange. You will also need a glue pen that has a permanent and temporary bond, oh, and you can forget your handy Silhouette mat! 🙂 Scissors will also be handy, but not completely neccesary.


Open up the box file in Silhouette Studio and size it up to where you want it. I wanted my box to be bigger to fit the cookie treats on the bottom of it so I stretched mine to about 9.5 inches. You can see how big it looks in the photo below.



I cut out the orange box part and then the purple handle next.




Pull out your scissors or just tear off the top part of the box. I don’t know how to delete lines yet so this was the lazy/easy way for me to get rid of the top part of the box.


Once you cut off the top you’re ready to glue the sides together! Get to it now! 🙂



Figure out where you want the handle to go, glue down one of the sides permanently. Only ONE side!! If you do both you wont be able to open the box and get out the treats.


This is what the glue will look like when it is permanent bond.



And here it is dried as a temporary glue. Now, you can open and close the handle as many times as you want.


Here’s the finished project. Sorry about the crookedness! I didn’t realize how off I was until it was too late! lol


This is the final project box I made and I just LOVE how it turned out!!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions just ask in a comment or email me!! Have a great Wednesday!



House Rules with my Silhouette!

Holy Cow, this week has been soooo CRAZY!! I can’t believe it’s already Saturday night and this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and get a post done! *SIGH* Thus is life though, right?

Anyway, I have an old Silhouette project ready for you today. I had been very curious about the Silhouette sketch pens since I first heard of them around the beginning of this year, I think. I’m on a few Silhouette facebook groups and a lot of people have said you can use any kind of pen with a pencil grip and they work just as good, but I kind of wanted to try out the real thing first. I finally broke down and bought them on amazon for a great price a couple months ago. I practiced a few times before using them before my first initial project and they worked great! So, I came up with a fun new project to make with them.

My husband and I had been talking about making up some definite rules for the kids to follow and sitting down to talk about them. I mean, they new the “rules” already, no hitting, no yelling/screaming, no talking back, no whining…. and on and on, but we wanted them to be able to SEE the rules to help them remember them!! They were having a big problem with the 4 that I just mentioned so we decided to highlight just those 4.


I sat down at my computer and created a cute little framed printable with a frame I got from the Silhouette store and a font I got there as well (it’s called sketch tuesday font). Once I was happy with how it looked on my computer I loaded the paper into my silhouette, picked out the pens I wanted to use and got to work!


First I put in the navy blue sketch pen and had my Silhouette sketch out the frame.




After that I picked out a pretty pinkish color and had the pen sketch out the rules in the middle of the frame.


It was EASY!! The only downside is that it takes a little bit longer to sketch than to cut out designs. I’m fine with it because the end result looked so great! I LOVE how it turned out!


Here’s the finished project in the designated space. Since we have them sit on the little bench in the living room upstairs I decided to put the rules right across from the bench on the coat hanger mantel on a pretty easel we already had. I was planning on framing it with a real frame, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I like how it looks like this though.


And Here’s a close up. I really loves how it turned out! It was so simple and easy to make! I’m looking forward to making more projects with these cool sketch pens! I’ve been stocking up on sketch shapes in the silhouette store. Now I just need time to play!!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping that next week won’t be so busy and I’ll have more time to craft and blog! 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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