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Snowflake Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

Good Morning!! I’m sooooo excited to show you this project I’ve been working on! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get it done and figure out how to make it look right and I finally did that last week! Woohoo!!

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen a certain picture I posted of a cute little ornament idea I got from going to a Stampin’ Up party. I also posted my finished version earlier last week, so you might have already seen this, but I am here today to give you the tutorial on HOW to make this adorable ornament!! It’s really easy once you get the pieces all cut out.

At the Stampin’ Up party I used a Big Shot with some framelets, I think that’s what they’re called, to get the snowflake shapes I needed cut out, but since I don’t have a big shot, but I DO have a Silhouette Cameo, I got to work figuring out what snowflake shapes would look the best with the design I wanted. It sounds easy, but I made it really hard! lol I probably bought about 10 different snowflake shapes and tested them out before I was completely happy!! I will put the links to the shapes I used at the end of the post so you can buy them from the Silhouette Online Store if you want to. All shapes are 50% off right now so it would be a perfect time to buy!

Ok, I have 2 different ways for you to view the how to… I made a couple videos because I thought it was easier to explain how to do it that way, but if you don’t want to watch the video I will also include the step by step picture versions too.

First we’ll do the picture step by steps:


Step 1 – Cut out your shapes with whatever medium you have. Gather them together once they’re done.


Step 2 – Get your glue gun ready with your biggest snowflake. You’ll need to fold the snowflake 2 different directions. You can watch the first video to see how I folded mine.


Step 3 – Place a dab of glue on your surface


Step 4 – Squish your snowflake on top of the dab of glue toward the middle of the snowflake where the hole is. If you have a Silhouette you can make dashed lines on your snowflake to make it easier to fold.


Step 5 – Do the same thing with the little snowflake.




Step 6 – Cut your twine to whatever length you want it and place it in the middle of the bottom snowflake.


Step 7 – Put a glob of glue in the middle of the snowflake and on top of the twine.



Step 8 – Place your big 3d snowflake on top of the glue and hold it there.


Step 9 – Using the middle part of the blue snowflake, glue it to the top.


Step 10 – Put a dab of glue….


Step 11 – Put the small 3d snowflake on top and hold it until it dries.




Step 12 – Glue on a rhinestone or button, whichever you prefer, to the smallest, top snowflake.


Step 13 – Glue the top snowflake on the top and hold it together until it dries.


And VOILA! You’re done! WHEW! That;s a lot of steps,I didn’t realize how many! I never really timed how long it took me to do each of them, but I made 5 in total and by the time I finish the 5th one I was glad to be done! lol So, if you’re looking for an EASY handmade ornament, this is probably not the right project for you. I really had a lot of fun making these and I LOVE how they turned out!!


The reason I made so many was because I participated in a DIY ornament swap. It was so much fun and I have really enjoyed receiving the ornaments the other ladies in my group made!! They’re all so different, but so amazing!


Ok, now, if you want to watch the how to videos here they are:

(WARNING: My husband was helping me by recording with the camera for me and I felt really weird talking in this video with him there. He thinks these things are silly, so, if I say anything weird or if I offend you, please forgive me. I know it’s silly to feel nervous with my husband helping me, but I did. Is anyone else like that?!! Also, I kept saying “daub” of glue, I have no idea why. Is that even a word?! LOL Please have patience with me as I embark on this new kind of media. I plan on doing a lot more videos about my crafting. I’m hoping that Santa will bring me a tripod for my iPhone so I can start recording without my hubby!)

This one shows you how to make the 3d snowflakes, the 2 that are in the middle of my snowflake:

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This video is how to put the ornament together after you have all your pieces cut out:

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Well, thank you for stopping by! I hope the videos and pictures will help you create some ornaments this holiday season! Come back tomorrow to get some ideas for homemade gifts.

Silhouette Online Store Shapes used:

Snowflake Layering Set (I used the first 2 snowflakes from this file for the bottom 4 layers.)

Snowflakes Set (I used the top one on the left from this shape. I took out the middle and just cut the outline and use it for the very top snowflake with the rhinestone.)




19 thoughts on “Snowflake Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

  1. Those work out so much better as ornaments than cards! Haha! I’m thinking of giving the card to my neighbor, Nephi. He’ll appreciate it, and then I won’t have to buy a special envelope to mail it.

  2. […] I made a bunch of these snowflake ornaments for an exchange I was a part of, but this one was extra and I just love it so of course I had to make it a part of this decoration. I created it using my Silhouette Cameo and some shapes from the Silhouette Online Store. You can view the tutorial on how to make one yourself on my blog. […]

  3. These are really cute! Can never go wrong with snowflakes. I always prefer handmade and think these would make nice gifts.
    New follower from “Craft Frenzy Friday”.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

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