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Bathroom Update

My first baby boy is turning 8 years old today! EIGHT!! I just can’t believe it! I remember when he was born and getting him to 8 years has been a lot harder than we thought it would be, but we’ve done it and I love this kid more than anything!!:)

This is my big eight year old, Jonas Quentin Blethen. He’s such a handsome boy!!:)

So, onto crafty things… the bathroom redo project has been going slower than I wanted. I had to wait for payday to buy beadboard and some other things we need for it. I’ll have to wait for the next payday to buy more to finish it up. I wish we had the money to buy everything in one fell swoop, but unfortunately, we don’t. BUT at least I can buy stuff every paycheck and not have to wait to save up for months, so I guess that’s an upside.

I was planning on painting the countertop with Giani Granite countertop paint, but I was afraid of ripping off the nice new paint after taping up the walls so we decided to wait a week or so on doing the counter. I won this granite paint kit about a year or two ago and I’ve been planning on using it in the bathroom I just had to talk Mark into letting me do it, which took a year or so to do:)

I bought the beadboard on Saturday, BUT I went alone and without kids, which you think that would be the best way to do it. Well, not for me. I would’ve been so much better off if I had gone with the whole family. I often need someone to talk through my thoughts with as I’m shopping, especially making big decisions.

Anyway, I found the beadboard at Lowe’s, but realized it was going the wrong way!! UGH! So I started looking around for the design going the right way. I finally called someone to come help me and he said that they don’t have a 4ft tall beadboard, just 32 in. I figured that would be tall enough. I’m not so good with math and converting inches to feet so I thought it would be close enough to 4 ft that it would be ok. Please don’t make fun of me! I know I’m really bad at this!

So I bought 2 of those boards and had the guy cut it to fit the right length I needed. I brought it home and realized how much shorter it really was!! I was so upset with myself!!. Mark and I talked about keeping it and just doing it that size anyway, the only problem was I’d have to fill in some holes on the wall from where I took the chair railing trim off, retexture and then paint it again!! UGH! SO, Saturday night I got ready to paint, and spackle and texturize, once again, but I just didn’t have it in me. It wasn’t that much to do, but I just had my heart set on the 4 foot beadboard look. I threw my hands up, took pictures of the beadboard and posted it on Craigslist. So, we’ll see if anyone needs my precut beadboard for $20. If not, maybe I could use it for a craft project. I guess I always could return the one that wasn’t cut…

So, I’ll be going back to Lowe’s on Saturday and buying the right size of beadboard. The one that I was originally going to buy that was going the wrong way can be cut in half and then cut to the length I need. It’s a 4×8 foot board so it will work perfect. I wish I would’ve thought of that in the first place!!

Oh, well, you live and learn!

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