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How to Clean Your Dryer

Hello everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? I survived the drive to and from Vegas and we had such a great time with family!! I’m SO sad we couldn’t have stayed longer to visit with them!!

But, we had to come back and go about normal life. Today I thought we would do something different than my normal Let’s Get Organized posts. I have a little tutorial on how to clean out your dryer.


Have you noticed that your dryer has become a lot less efficient at drying your clothes? We usually have to clean out our dryer about 2 times a years. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds!

Our dryer is 7 and a half years old. It’s not a fancy front loading machine like you can buy today. It can wash super capacity loads, but it’s just a normal dryer. I would love to have a newer one, but as long as this one still works, I can’t really justify getting a new one just because I want one.

Are you ready to start? Here we go:


If you have a model like ours, all you have to do is pull off the bottom panel. It’s really simple. You might think you’ll break it, but you more than likely won’t. If you’re nervous about it you can look up your exact model number and find out if there’s a different way you should clean it.


Unscrew the big metal thing that takes up most of the bottom half of the machine. (Yes, I’m a very technically challenged person, if you can’t tell by the end of this post!)


This is where the spinny thing is. You can tell that I am a PRO at this, right?!! 🙂


If there is lint in there vacuum it up. It was pretty dirty before my husband started cleaning it out. Look at the inside of the metal cover!!! All that grey stuff is lint!! SO. GROSS.


Holy cow, I almost gagged when I saw all that lint!! There was so much of it!! It’s no wonder our clothes weren’t drying!!



Vacuum out both areas of the vent.


Also vacuum every crevice you can see, and even the ones you can’t.


Then, put the cover back on…


All you have to do is push it back into place and VOILA! You’re done! I told ya it was easy peasy!

Also, check the outside vent too. My husband said it was clogged up pretty good outside. Whenever you have a problem it’s best to check all the areas and clean them out.

I hope this has helped you! Let me know if it does or if there was a difference in how to clean your dryer!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great Monday! I’ll see you tomorrow with some more Fitness Goals.

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  1. I’m really tempted to go do that right now, but it’s almost 4am and I have to work tomorrow morning…but we bought our washer/dryer from someone else and I don’t know how much they did this…so I’m having to fight the temptation hard!!! 😉

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