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Craft Room Organizing Review

Well, here I am to show you some more progress pictures on my craft room. Last week and this week I have been working on my sewing/computer desk. It was a HUGE mess last week and has been for about a month now. I REALLY HATE having a messy desk, but I have the bad habit of getting the organizing bug, and then quickly getting bored/overwhelmed with it all and I give up. I leave everything where it is for months at a time, even though it makes my life so much HARDER!! UGH!! Does anyone else do this? Even if you don’t, can you please humor me and tell me that you do 🙂

Anyway, here are some before pictures from last weeks post if you don’t remember, or if you’re just too lazy or not in the mood to click the link and read another post about organizing my craft room. Hehe, I won’t blame you so don’t feel obligated….


YIKES!! I seriously CRINGE everytime I look at the before pictures of this room!!




Can I get a druuuuummmmm rooooollll PLEASE?!!


These are the after pictures from last night! After doing my Zumba workout I had some energy to tackle the huge pile of clothing to fix and the stray paper scraps, etc. Doesn’t it look soooo much better?!!



There is a problem area around my computer and behind my Silhouette. I tend to stick papers and craft store receipts around them and never clean up. I’ve got to remedy that…


I actually cleaned off the ironing board last week!! One of the things I actually cleaned before giving up! LOL I have it currently residing next to the scrapbooking desk in front of a rarely used closet.


And I know this picture is probably boring and still looks messy, right? Well, I am proud of myself because I actually pulled EVERYTHING out from under the desk to vacuum. I actually vacuumed the whole room, which hardly EVER gets done!! You would think this is one of the rooms that gets vacuumed all the time, but NO!! It’s usually the messiest with tons of toys and crafty stuff all over the floor so I just don’t bother. I’m glad I did it today! It feels GOOD to know it’s CLEAN now.

So, there you have it. My somewhat clean sewing/computer desk and floor and surrounding areas. Oh, I almost forgot! I posted a picture on facebook last week after cleaning up all the old, torn up pants from the boys. This is now what it looks like over to the right of the sewing desk:


I’m so excited that I finally sat down and cut them all up!! The only sad thing is that, apparently I had some clothes in the pile that were just too small for the older boys, but I wanted to save them for my toddler when he got old enough. I ended up cutting off the hems on one of the pants before realizing they were just fine. They just needed to be put in storage for a couple of years! UGH!! So, now they’re in the mending pile to figure out what to do about the cut off hems! 😛

The first two drawers in the plastic organizer are being used for the pants scraps and also projects that need to be done, like patching up pants and other pieces of clothing. I’m starting to think that one day a week I should dedicate to patching up clothes!! Tuesday is crafty day, Wednesday is patchy day.

Well, thanks for stopping by!! I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to see what I’ve been crafting up lately! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Craft Room Organizing Review

  1. Patchy day…hahaha! Love it. So today is Tuesday…have a happy Crafty Day! Today is going to be I Want To Kill My Kids Because It’s Spring Break Day for me.

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