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Let’s Get Organized!

Like I said last week, for the month of January I will be following along with Jenn over at Clean & Scentsible doing her Household Organization Diet. I am excited reserved to report that last weeks cleaning and organizing was a success BUST!! Yes, it is true that I barely even lifted a finger to clean any part of the house last week. It bothers me, very much!!

This week is GOING to be different!! I have every day planned out and everything written down what I need to do and in what order. Knowing me, I will probably rearrange the order depending on what I feel like doing that day. LOL But, I am determined to get everything I have on my list done, every day this week! And I’m hoping I will get even more done than I have written down!

I have been taking a lot of pictures lately and so I have a lot of work to be doing with those this week, but I will also get my organizing and cleaning done!! I can do this! 🙂

My plan for Monday:

Vacuum, Dust (the normal daily chores for Monday)

Clean & Organize under the Kitchen sink (GASP!!! Are you surprised I didn’t do this last week? The kids were home from school on Monday, so I’m not!)


Pick up Poop, Clean microwave, Clean upstairs bathroom

Clean 3 shelves in the main kitchen cabinet (where we put all of our plates and cups and bowls, etc.)

I am also going to start having my 2 older boys do regular chores on this day. Brynnan, my 6 year old, will round up all the bedroom and bathroom trash and take it out to the garbage can. Jonas will dust. I’ll probably have Tinian help with dusting and cleaning up their bedroom on this day too.

Wednesday: (I will be donating plasma this morning so that will kind of throw my schedule of for the day, but I hope I can stay on track once I get home!)

Clean Downstairs Bathroom, Balance Finances

Clean Garbage Disposal

Clean skinny cabinet by the fridge and above the fridge cabinet

Thursday: (This is another day the boys will have a chore to do when they come home from school)

Sweep & mop kitchen, Organize papers/mail (on the table) ~ I added the last part because the table has, once again, become a disaster area!! *SIGH* I will be focusing a lot of energy on the table this day!!

Organize pantry ~ I did this not too long ago, but it’s good to keep going back and making sure everything is still organized. There are a few problem areas that have crept up so I will be taking care of those on this day.

Before school, Jonas and Brynnan will bring down their bathroom towels to be washed. They will also spot clean the upstairs bathroom. Since I will have done this the day before I mainly just want them to wipe down the counter and tub, and sweep and mop the floor.


Vacuum, Food Inventory, Organize computer desk

Clean the Fridge & Freezer

Since I only have 9 days left of the month that I will actually do cleaning and organizing on (I don’t know about you, but I HATE cleaning on the weekends!! It’s my day off so I like to fully enjoy it! 🙂 hehe) I am having to double up on some of my organizing and cleaning tasks that I wanted to finish up this month in the kitchen. Here’s the list of what I want to accomplish, again:

January To Do List-001

I printed it out last night as I was writing up this weeks schedule. I’m one of those crazy people that likes to have lists so I can physically check it off to help me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Yeah, if I did something that wasn’t on the list, I write it down, just so I can check it off. I’m weird, I know!!

Another thing I did yesterday as I was planning out my week was come up with a blogging schedule for my Wednesday craft posts! I don’t think I’ve ever looked so far into the future of my blogging!! I have a craft post scheduled all the way out to March 27th!! It makes me feel very excited and prepared! Something I am not always able to do! Now all I need to do is write up the posts and schedule them and I’ll be so on top of things I won’t know what to do with myself!!

So, there you have it! My week is scheduled and I feel GOOD about it! How about you! What are you planning on cleaning or organizing this week?

Thanks for stopping by!! If you blog about your cleaning or organizing leave a link in the comments! We’d love to see what you’re doing!!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized!

  1. NICE! I just spent an hour last night calandering my cleaning schedule and goals for the next 5 months…let’s see if it works! Good luck, Megan!

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