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Let’s Get Organized!! ~ Day 4

I think that will be the official name of my 2012 Organization Challenge Series. Not anything too creative, but I like it:) I hope I’ll like it all year long though….

Anyway, how had your day been going? Mine has been Wonderful! I have been cleaning most of it and I feel so amazing! Wait a minute…. I know what you’re thinking, I HATE cleaning!!! Why have I been cleaning most of the day?

Well, Number One, is because I felt like crap yesterday and slept away most of the afternoon while my baby napped and my 5 year old watched Jon & Kate Plus Eight on Netflix (is that bad that he LOVES that show? He just really likes the first couple seasons before it got to grownup-ish for him to watch. He loves seeing all the little “bebe’s”, as he calls the sextuplets!!). So I didn’t get much cleaning done or anything!

Number Two, I wanted to get caught up on the chores that I had skipped earlier this week, namely, Cleaning the bathrooms and some Laundry. So I cleaned the kitchen really well after my older boys went to school, I swept and mopped the kitchen (which is my Thursday chore) with my toddlers help!!

It was SO CUTE!! He just grabbed the broom after I was done with it. He had been watching me so he knew what to do!! He was so happy he could help and be a big boy!

After sweeping and mopping the kitchen I did the bathroom. Tinian helped by sweeping up his room…

He started getting really mad because the carpet wasn’t as easy to use the broom on.

So I let him use the swiffer when I was done with it. He LOVED that!! Until:

He left the room and kept getting stuck in the doorways. The hall is a pretty small place to manuever. Poor kid! All he wanted to do was help clean!:)

After cleaning the floor in the bathroom I moved on to Vacuuming which is another chore for today. I vacuumed downstairs, upstairs and the stairs. Woohoo!! I have vacuuming on the chore list twice a week because we have a dog that sheds like crazy, not to mention myself!! Hehe

We finished up the vacuuming and a couple loads of Laundry and had to go pick up Brynnan from Kindergarten. When we got back we ate lunch and I continued to clean up the kitchen after making lunch. By 1:00 it was naptime and Brynnan had therapy so I put the baby to sleep and Brynnan was off and I finally got some time to play around on the internet.

SO that’s what I mean when I said I’ve been cleaning most of the day:) And I really do feel so good about the day! I feel….. CLEAN:) JUST look at my clean house!! Here are a couple rooms that I worked on:

I timed myself when I cleaned the kithcen floor.

It only took 19 minutes!! And that’s including the time I was using to take pictures of my son and let him help me too!!

Since this is the first week of the new year and I’m just really getting into this organizing for the year I am going to continue with Organizing my daily life and cleaning schedule for next week. If you hadn’t noticed Organizing my schedule and cleaning habits is what I’m working on this week. I will continue working on it throughout the year I imagine, but I don’t want to start organizing anything else until I can get this down good!

I am going to change up my schedule a little bit. Since I’ve been actually going along with the right chore on the right day for once it makes me realize and think about how to better set it up. So this was my schedule this week:

I’ll be back with a revised version next week. I’m hoping it will work out better:)

Well, my baby is crying so I better got get him. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized!! ~ Day 4

  1. This is awesome how organized you are!! Now this might sound funny but I can’t wait to have a list like that!! To have a cute family to clean up for and to be home doing the mom thing! Shh don’t tell anyone I said that!

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