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Let’s Get Organized!! ~ Day 6

Now that it’s the weekend my schedule has gone all haywire!! I like to sleep in, if I can, on the weekends like anybody does. So out the door goes my usual plan for the usual day, but that’s ok. I have come to accept that Saturdays and Sundays are different. And for good reason! We’ve done some hard work this week and we NEED a break!:) (Except for all that dang laundry that still needs to be washed, dried and folded, not to mention, put away:P)

SO today I am going to concentrate on Laundry. I didn’t get all of the kids’ laundry folded from this week so I’m kind of backed up. I am also going to stay on top of washing the dishes so they don’t pile up until Sunday night. I have a habit of doing that because the weekend is like a mini vacation, right? Well, not this weekend!! I’m going to make my life easy, for once!

I’m working on my new revised schedule still and I will be back with that on Monday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Take a break from the cleaning and organizing you’ve done this week:) We’ll be back to business soon enough so enjoy it!

Ooooohhhhh, if only this was the place I was relaxing this weekend…. !!!

2012 Let’s Get Organized Challenge (the first post)

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