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Let’s Get Organized! ~ Detox Review and Blog Planning

Good morning everyone! I’m excited to report that I have been doing WELL in the detox area! I have a nice pile that I need to take to the thrift store to donate all the things that I’ve finally decided we can live without. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen the picture of all the boxes the hubs and I broke down over the weekend and recycled as well as all the trash that was inside of them, you know, styrafoam and packing material. We did save some boxes and packing material, but we’re probably not going to need it for a long time. (I’m afraid we’ll be stuck in this house forever. UGH!!)

Here are a few pictures I’ve been sharing on IG:


This was my donation pile a a week ago. It’s much bigger now!


My silly husband makes every chore fun! 🙂


This is what we accomplished over the weekend in our laundry room!! It’s crazy how much can fit in the small space under the stairs!

Have you been going through your stuff and giving away or selling what you don’t use anymore? What have you gotten rid of? This week I’m going to be tackling the kids’ toys and my craft room. I hope it goes well!!

Also, this week, I will be diving into my blog schedule and really get down to planning things out, the nitty gritty. I hate the nitty gritty, but it needs to be done and I really want to be better organized. Since this is a new year and I’m excited about doing things right now, I need to do it NOW!! I’ve come across a lot of great planners for blogging, but it’s so hard to pick just one! I want to use all of them!

Once I figure out which one I will be using I’ll share it with you. I’m excited to sit down and finally do this. I’ve been wanting to do it for a few weeks now. Is it weird that this actually excites me? I LOVE planning, I just have a hard time following through with everything that I plan. Is anyone else like that?

Well, that’s all for today. I have a few things planned for later this week so come back again! Thanks for stopping by!

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