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Let’s Get Organized ~ Reorganizing the Boys’ Bedroom

Hello friends!! How are you today? I hope well.

Have you been cleaning or organizing your house lately? I’d love to hear all about it if you have or I’d love to hear your plans! I know I haven’t been keeping up with my regular Monday organizing posts, but that is going to change from now on! I’m actually going to do things a little different. I am going to be organizing a different room each month, like I did last year for a little bit, but this year I will do everything before hand and post pictures after it’s all done. Instead of giving you a list of what I’m going to do during the week, I will be showing you what I did the week BEFORE! πŸ™‚

This week we are just starting out with my boys’ bedroom. It’s a big room and I like it because we can have all 3 of them in there without a problem, but because of that their toys are downstairs in the playroom/craft room. I recently posted about how annoying it is to share my craft room with their toys and so, that brought on the decision to reorganize their bedroom to allow for their toys to be in there with them. YAY!!

Anyway, here is what their room looked like at the very beginning of January:


This was the view as you walked into the room. The dresser looks horrendous, I know!!


This was the view from the closet, which is to the left of the door.


And here’s the closet. To the left of the closet there’s a book shelf that also holds their fan, CD player and CD’s. It’s all VERY disorganized!! You can also see the nursery decorations for my oldest in the top right corner of this picture. The two oldest have their names in blocks painted in the color of their baby blanket themes. Jonas was blue and yellow and Brynnan was green and grey (which is also his middle name! πŸ™‚ I LOVE his middle name!) .

Anyway, Tinian doesn’t have a shelf or letters or anything and he feels left out, he has let me know this recently. He wants to have his name up too, so I really need to get on that. I am a person of order though. The older two boys have the same letter blocks and I haven’t been able to find them again since I had Tini!! Believe me, I’ve looked and shopped around for them! So, that is actually the biggest reason he doesn’t have name blocks up on the wall. I want them to all be the same, but maybe I just need to move on and do something different for him. I will have to go on pinterest to get some ideas.

The very first thing we did was to make the older two boys’ beds into bunk beds again. They started out having bunk beds when we got them 3 or 4 years ago, but Brynnan is the one that sleeps on the top and he doesn’t like being up there all alone. He finally broke us down a while ago to take his bed down and my husband swore he would never put them back together again…. until I wanted to have a craft room all to myself and told him we were making them bunk beds again. lol

So, we put the beds back together and moved Tinian’s cribΒ  (yes, he is almost 4 and he’s STILL in a crib! I feel like a slacker, but we tried taking the railing off of the crib to see how he would do and he kept falling out of bed!! Continually throughout the night! I don’t really want to buy a toddler bed because the railings can all come off of the crib so it can be a “normal” bed, but I haven’t figured out what to do about him falling off of it…. Any suggestions? WHEW that was a loooonnng sidestep there, back to the topic now…) to the other corner opposite the bunk beds.

We did this on January 4th and it was wonderful! There was so much more room for them in there! It was nice to see so much floor again!

I had the boys help me move all the toys upstairs to their room a few days later and we got it all set up and organized. I was kind of nervous that their room would be a continual mess like the playroom was, but I have been pleasantly surprised! Since they use their room a lot they are usually pretty good about picking up the toys. I do have to remind them to put stuff away after they’re done or at the end of the day we do a quick clean up session, but it really has been so great having their toys in their room! I’ve noticed that they watch less TV this way. They used to bring toys out to the living room and watch TV, (our TV and playroom are in the basement) but now since their toys are all the way upstairs, if they want to play with them they usually just hang out in their room or in the family room upstairs. It’s so great listening to them playing together again and being brothers instead of couch potatoes.

So, we’re all getting used to the new room and really enjoying it, especially me! This is what the room looks like right now:


This picture above is the view from the door. In keeping things real, I didn’t do ANY cleaning before I took these pictures. Please forgive the mess! πŸ™‚


This is the view from the closet that is to the left of the door. The toys are a mess and I want to actually pull them out and go through them so we can give some away. They have AT LEAST 50 guns and they really don’t need that many! So we are going to par down in the toy department. I’ve already kind of started doing that as I am in their room while they’re at school, that way they don’t get as mad about it. Do you do that with your kids’ toys? It’s just so much easier.


And here’s the closet and the bookshelf, which actually has books on it and not all over the floor. That’s amazing!!


So this week I will be purging toys and cleaning up their closet and dresser. I have been needing to do this for about 6 months, but this is the thing I dread the most. Why? Because it gets so disorganized almost immediately after I clean it. *SIGH* It’s a never ending cycle, right?

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow to get some free Valentine printables that I made for you!


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  1. I read something the other day about an alternative way to keep your children in their beds without having to spend a lot of money. They suggested that you place a pool noodle under the sheets to stop children falling out of bed. The best thing is that its an inexpensive hint and if it doesn’t work then you can use them in a pool. Good luck.

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