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Let’s Get Organized! ~ The Craft Room Review & the Master Bedroom

Good Morning!! How are you this wonderful new day? I’m excited to share with you all the organizing I was able to do in my craft room and also move onto this months new room!

First, I’ll start off by showing you my craft room. It’s still a work in progress. I think it always will be, but that’s the life of a crafter! Nothing is EVER finished/clean enough! There’s always a mess to clean or move out of the way.

My goal from now on is to clean up every project before starting a new one. I often have 5 projects going at the same time. I can still do this, BUT I want to only have my desk a mess with ONE of those projects, the one I am currently working on. This past week I’ve been trying to keep up with this new goal and I’m actually doing pretty well. Over the weekend I got kind of overwhelmed, I was working on 2 sewing projects and one craft project, so both my scrapbooking and sewing desks were messy. Sunday, I couldn’t take it anymore and I cleaned all the projects up. I picked ONE of the projects and stayed the course with that one. I still haven’t even touched the other two projects that my heart keeps trying to pull me toward. I’m fighting the good fight here:)

Anyway, on to the before pictures:


This was my scrapbooking desk at the beginning of March. I HATE looking at these pictures!!


I started out the month of March with an incredibly MESSY craft room! It doesn’t help that I share the room with my kids’ toys, which are constantly strewn EVERYWHERE! Throughout the process of cleaning off and organizing desks I found many things I have been looking for. It was NICE!! 🙂


The ironing board was a flat surface that I would put stuff on if I left it hanging out too long. This was actually pretty clean the day I took the pics!!




Remember my wonderful pile of old ripped pants? Yeah, that was a sight for sore eyes!


And another lovely pile of junk hanging out on the floor.

Today, it looks MUCH better!! Drum rolllllll please!!! 🙂


So CLEAN!!!! Isn’t it just beautiful?!! 🙂


I changed everything on my sewing/computer desk around to have an easier layout. I originally wanted my Silhouette to be on the organizing cubes on the far left, but I put a bunch of other scrapbooking stuff on it and didn’t have room so it ended up on the desk. Well, I got the white shelf at the DI a few months ago and Mark suggested I put my Silhouette on it to give me more room on the desk. I FINALLY moved everything around and I’m LOVING it!! _MG_9578

The corner with the ironing board looks the same. 🙂


And my pretty scrapbooking desk. I just LOVE this thing!! SO glad I bought it!! I still haven’t filled it all up, but I’m working on it! 🙂

I bought some new little organizing containers and a shelf at a couple thrift stores. I will be working on this room every month, a little at a time. Like I said, I don’t know if I’ll ever be done organizing it!


Ok, now, onto the month of April! Can you believe it’s already April 8th??!! Come ON! It feels like the year just started! How does it go by so fast??!!

Well, this month I will be working on Organizing and Cleaning the Master Bedroom. My room is in DIRE need of organizing so I’m excited to get started and cleaning! My closet is a MESS!! I also have a tendency to put things in my room that don’t really belong there because I don’t know where else to put them. I have a special corner by my laundry basket with tons of stuff…. I’ll be facing that section of the room head on and finding places for everything there.

This week I will be doing some deep cleaning. Jenn, over at Clean & Scentsible has a new list up for the month of April if you want to go print it off or you can fill out a blank one to fit your needs. I decided to use the one Jenn provided.

April To Do List-001

My goals for this week:

*Clean master bedroom windows and blinds

*Clean master bedroom fan and lighting

*Deep Clean mattress (Jenn has a great post on her blog to help you in the process of cleaning your mattress)

*Clean master bedroom baseboards

*Organize bookshelves in master bedroom

My goals for my monthly cleaning checklist this week:

*Clean medicine cabinet

*Deep clean bathrooms

*Clean under the kitchen sink

*Clean Fridge & Freezer

I know, I probably have way too much here to actually get finished in a week. I’m really optimistic about it though, at least today I am! Who knows where I’ll be tomorrow 🙂 But, I have the rest of April to get everything done and I AM going to get organized perfectly this month! It’s my birthday on the 29th so that’s gotta count for some good luck, right?

Well, thanks for stopping by! I better get started with my organizing! I have a busy day ahead! Hope yours isn’t as crazy as mine will be!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized! ~ The Craft Room Review & the Master Bedroom

  1. LET’S GET PHYSICAL!! Your craft room looks amazing. I just adore that scrapbooking desk you bought. Someday I will have a craft room. And a silhouette. And a cool ribbon holder thingey. And on and on. But now, thanks to you, I have a corner rounder. And a cute little corner punch. 🙂

  2. Good for you for organizing your craft room! My studio is a disaster area right now, but I’m too busy getting ready for a craft show to clean it up. I also love that you make lists. I have so many lists I think I need a list of my lists!

    1. Haha!! A list of your list:) that’s too funny! Good luck with your craft show! Maybe once that’s done you can organize a little;)

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