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Let’s Get Organized ~ The Craft Room

Good morning everyone!! I hope you’re ready for this bright new Monday! I know I am, for once! I’m excited about the week ahead. I have some big plans and a lot to do so let’s get right to it!

At the beginning of the year I told you I was going to follow along with another blogger in her challenge to organize her home. She called it The Household Organization Diet. I LOVE that she named it a Diet! Haha! I also loved the idea of working on a differentl room each month. I never can seem to finish everything in a room in just a week so giving me a whole month seemed like FOREVER!!

I kept up with her challenge the first month really well. I deep cleaned my kitchen like I never have before! And since then I’ve made it a monthly chore to clean out the medicine cabinet and wipe down the fridge. You can view my first post about the diet here. January I did the kitchen, Febraury I did the bathrooms, March I did my craft room, and in April I did the master bedroom. I didn’t really make it very far with the master bedroom. I did about half of what I wanted to do. May was a crazy month with school getting out. I was lucky I got any cleaning done. June was the same way with the kids being home from school and I’ve had a lot of photography sessions to edit as well. It hasn’t left me with much time to clean or organize. It’s a good thing my kids are home and I make them do the chores! LOL

Anyway, I think I’m realizing that life is just getting crazier by the minute. Yeah, it was nice at the beginning of the year to have a set plan of everything I wanted to do and I actually kept it up for almost 4 months! That’s awesome for me! Now I think I am going to be more go by the flow. If I have time to organize I will and I probably will just figure it out as I go along each week.

This week I’ll be working on my craft room. Oh, it is such a HOT MESS!!! I seriously hate looking at these pictures and I cringe knowing that you’re seeing them too!!



It has gotten so out of hand, especially over the last month! I use things and just don’t put them away 😛 It drives me insane, but I also hate cleaning up right away. I mean, who does that? It would make life so much easier. I don’t like making my life easy, do you?


Also, there’s the thought in my head that I will come back to the project in a couple hours or the next day, so why should I bother putting everything away? That would just waste my time! And then, of course, the project sits there for weeks and weeks and weeks. I have had my craft room on my list of things to clean for about 3 weeks now. *SIGH*


The worst part about my craft room is that I share it with my kids. Not a crafty space for my kids, but a playroom. Half of the room is filled with my crafty stuff and the other half is over flowing with their toys. It drives me crazy, but that’s what has to happen right now. What is this mess of a pile on the floor in the picture above? Oh, you know, stuffed animals, dress up clothes, pool noodles, husbands Christmas present that I have yet to finish…. Oh man! I’m sure there’s tons of other stuff in the pile too.

I have decided that this pile of toys, etc has to go. No, I’m not going to make my kids sell their beloved Captain America costumes and stuffed pikachu’s, BUT I am going to make them put all of this stuff in their room. They have a few empty places where these boxes can fit and I’m tired of having this mess in the room ALL. THE. TIME.

I also want to clean out the closet that’s behind the ironing board. It’s overflowing with stuff and I need to go through it.

SO, here is my list of goals for the week:

Monday ~ Clean off computer/sewing desk, wipe down, only put the computer and sewing machine on the desk, oh, and my pen holder. Everything else I have to find a permanent home for!!

Tuesday ~ Clean off scrapbooking desk, wipe down, organize odds & ends on the desk and the drawers.

Wednesday ~ Clean off bottom 2 shelves above my computer/sewing desk, wipe down, organize all sewing supplies on bottom shelf, organize all scrapbooking stuff on second shelf.

Thursday ~ Clean off top shelf, wipe down, throw out boxes or put in laundry room. Clean off top of the scrapbook organizing cube and organize onto the scrapbooking shelf.

Friday ~ Make sure everything has a home and organize scrapbooking cubes.

That’s my list for the week! If I have time I’m also going to go through all the projects I have that aren’t complete and put them in the order that I want to complete them in. My blogging friend, Susan, over at Organized 31, gave me some good ideas on how to do this. I can’t wait to get started! Off I go to revolutionize my craft room! Wish me luck! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a great weekend and a fun 4th of July!!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized ~ The Craft Room

  1. You can do it!! Don’t be discouraged. I pick up after myself every single time and it’s still a hot mess…mine is a space & hoarding issue. I’m not buying any patterns or fabric til I can work through,y stash. Yours totally isn’t bad…you can get some space savers and do magic in there. I’m rooting for ya, thanks for showing real pics! When I see pefect craft rooms I’m pretty sure they’re staged. Lol

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