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Let’s Get Organized! ~ The Kitchen & Living Room


Well, last week went pretty well. I did have a little bit of a set back… Wednesday morning I was reading with my 7 year old and I was kneeling at his bedside. I went to stand up and because I’m getting so old I can’t just stand up, I have to push myself off the ground, so I pushed my arm against his bed and another wonderfully agonizing and shooting pain went through my shoulder!! It wasn’t as bad as the first time it happened the week before, but let me tell you, it didn’t feel heavenly either! I was SO annoyed!! I could move my arm and shoulder, but it hurt a little and was kind of sore, like it was on about the 2nd and 3rd day 2 weeks ago. I had planned on cleaning the garage fridge that day so that plan went out the window. I was actually ok with it, hehe, just a little disappointed that I couldn’t stay on task for the day, yet again, because of my stupid shoulder. I rested up a little bit. I did do some cleaning on this day. I was able to clean the microwave, which was a chore for the next day, but it was easy and really needed to be done so I did it.

This week I will be finishing up in the kitchen and moving onto the living room. I’m glad to get to that room because it needs a little bit of TLC! We don’t spend a whole lot of time in the living room because we have our TV and computers and everything like that downstairs in the Family room. We spend most of our time down there, but the living room is a dumping ground for basically anything that comes in the door; toys, clothes, backpacks, shoes, mail, coupons, homework, toys (again), coats, jackets, papers, seriously, you name it, it’s in the living room. Maybe that’s why it’s called a Living Room! 🙂

None the less, it drives me crazy because this is the first room that is visible when people walk in our home. I like it to be presentable, but it is rarely ever that! Do you have a room like this? What do you do to keep it clean? I have this plan every day to do a 5 minute clean up of that room about 2 or 3 times a day, but it rarely gets done because I always make the 5 minutes turn into 30 or more so I just decide it can wait. I really need to get better at doing 5 minute clean ups and sticking to just 5 minutes! I think my husband would be so much happier if I could learn to do this! 🙂 I know I would be happier and not feel so unaccomplished at the end of the day.

So, this week I am going to try focusing on sticking to my 5 minute pick up 3 times a day. I’ll do them after I take the kids to school, after lunch and after the kids get home from school. Hopefully, this will help me cut down on the clutter and messiness in our living room! 🙂

Also, this week I’ll spend the first 3 days cleaning in the kitchen. Since I didn’t get the garage fridge cleaned out I’ll do that today. I’m also going to clean and organize all of the cabinets.

Tuesday – Clean and organize the Pantry (UGH!! I’m totally not looking forward to this one!! It is so messy in there, but it really needs to be done!! I’ve been putting it off and I know it just needs to get done!)

Wednesday – Clean and organize drawers. Sweep and mop kitchen floor.

Thursday – (Living Room) Wash windows and walls, dust the ceiling and plants.

Friday – Clean and organize bench and shelves. Dust wood furniture and pictures.

And there you have my cleaning and organizing schedule for this week. I’m excited to get started, weird, I know, but when I get excited about cleaning I hope that the mojo sticks around! 🙂 Wish me luck! I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. Let’s get physical!! You’re amazing. I have absolutely zero organizational projects on the horizon. I just wish this weather would calm down so I can finish washing my windows…

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