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Let’s get Organized! ~ The Kitchen

Ok, so I admit I’ve been HORRIBLE at organizing this summer! It really bothers me too, but I just haven’t been able to stay on top of it like I had hoped. Such is life and I have learned to live with it.

Well, yesterday I was on facebook browsing some walls and I saw that A Bowl Full of Lemons is doing a 14 week organization challenge. I immediately went to check it out and I signed up for it!! You can sign up too! and she makes it sound so easy and relaxed!!

SO, since I’m starting a week later than she did I’ll be working on the kitchen this week, which is the first room she tackled. And it’s a good starting space too! My kitchen needs a LOT of help!! Here are some before pictures:

It’s not too bad on the eyes after being cleaned up.

Oh, wait, I spoke too soon…. the table and microwave and the half wall are my enemies! they collect paper and junk like no other. And the lazy Susan looks pretty crowded too.

There are some cupboards that could use a lot of help too. Maybe some reorganizing of drawers too. I promised Mark I’d talk over changes with him first, since he’s the one that uses the kitchen the most… kind of. So, for now, until I plan out what we want to move and where, I’ll be cleaning everything out.

Here’s my plan for the week:

M-Clean out bread box, corner cupboard, bottle cupboard and the corner lazy Susan cupboard. Put everything back.

T- Clean out above the fridge cupboard and all the skinny bottom cupboards.

W- Clean out drawers and wash all appliances.

Th- Clean out and reorganize the medicine cupboard.

F- Clean out fridge & freezer and reorganize with containers, Dust shelves above fridge

Well, there you have it! My plan for the week of organizing. I’ve really been needing and wanting to get back into it, I just needed some motivation. When I saw the program over at  A Bowl Full of Lemons, I knew I just had to participate. When other people do things and show me what they did, it makes me want to look that organized too!:) I’m excited to get started!! I’ve been thinking our kitchen needs a bit of TLC. LOL

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by today!!


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