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Let’s Get Organized! ~ Week 18

Is it really the 18th week? I can’t believe it! My kids get out of school on May 25th! That’s 4 weeks! I’m starting to panick! I’m not ready for them to be home full time for the summer!! I really, seriously cannot believe yesterday was my birthday. It’s already that late in the year?!! I swear it just started! But I did enjoy celebrating my birthday! It was a wonderful day filled with pampering and love and presents. I got everything I wanted! The most exciting thing of all?

My hubby bought me a sewing machine!!! Woot Woot!! 🙂 I told him the one I wanted and showed him pictures and where he could buy it. I actually didn’t think he was going to buy it because he kept complaining about it costing so much money. But, I guess that was the idea huh? I was totally surprised when I walked downstairs and saw it sitting on the table!:)

Last night I had fun playing around with it and learning all the different buttons and things there are to learn with a new machine. It’s got a TON of different kinds of stitches and even letters that it can embroider! I thought that was the coolest thing!! I might take advantage of that and tag everything I make:) hehe

This week my plan is to have fun. I think I need another easy week of organzing! lol So, my goal is to clean out my purse (tomorrow!) and I’ll do a post about that on Thursday. Today my baby is sick so it’s a lay in bed kind of day. I’ll get busy tomorrow though.

The rest of the week I plan on catching up on cleaning my house. I really need to get my spring cleaning done!! So that is my goal, clean, clean and more cleaning. If it looks clean I have to look deeper to get that spring cleaning feeling to my house:)

Well, speaking of my baby being sick, I can hear him crying as he just woke up from his nap, so I will have to go now. Let me know how you’re doing with your cleaning and organizing! I hope you have a good week!

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized! ~ Week 18

  1. Hey we are sewing machine twin owners! (did that make sense?) Except, I really need to figure out where I tucked my english manual so I can make sure everything is set correctly because last time I tried to sew it bunched up and I thought maybe someone moved a dial. what is your number on the dial just above the brother logo on top of the machine?

  2. Is that the Brother SQ9050??? That is the one I want… it is not just a sewing maching but it is a quilting machine! You will have to tell me how you like it! Congrats!

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