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Let’s Get Organized ~ week 7

Hello everyone!! How are you doing so far today? I hope well. We’re doing ok. Not completely better, but both my boys went to school this morning and the baby is acting more normal for him:) That’s always a good sign that we’re on the up & up.

Speaking of up & up I wanted to talk a little bit about couponing (up & up is the target brand and I have some good deals on my shopping list for those items today). Albertson’s sale this week is REALLY good!! I was really impressed with a lot of the sales in the ad. First off, Fri-Sun they were running a sale on their C&H sugar so I picked that up, plus I had a coupon and a doubler!!! AWESOME! The sale was for $1.99 each, I bought 2 and used a $1/2 coupon with a doubler so I paid $1.49 for a 4 lb bag of sugar. The store brand at Winco is the cheapest around here at $1.99 for 5lbs, but the coupons made up for the less lbs by about $.2 I think. I know, I’m crazy, but it’s fun:)

I also bought 4 Ocean Spray fruit snacks, have you tried these yet? You have to!! They’re really good! They are on sale, $5/2 and when you buy 4 you get a $2 catalina off your next purchase. I also had 4 $.5o/1 coupons so that brought those down to only $2 a box, if you don’t factor in the catalina.

Tyson Anytizers are on sale for $6.99 and there’s a coupon in the monthly Albertson’s coupon book which I doubled to get my chicken down to only $4.99. Not as good as the deal last week on this chicken, but still an awesome deal!

And last, but not least, 2 gallons of milk. I had $.75/1 gallon coupons and I doubled one of them. I also had a $3 off a $30 purchase catalina. Before coupons my total was $44, after coupons and tax I paid $24!! Woohoo! I was totally excited about that!That also have juice and All laundry soap on sale and you can get catalina’s for buying certain amounts of those. I think I’ll be going back before Wednesday comes to grab some more great sale items!

Did you find any great sales this weekend? My couponing has kind of fizzled out because I don’t get the paper anymore. I will occasionally buy one, like on doubler weekends, but I mostly print my coupons off from the internet. I do this through or mostly. With I earn 10 points for every coupon that I use. Those points can go toward a lot of different things. I recently used my points for a hotel gift card (well, by recently I mean last summer). You can get gift cards to amazon and tons of other places. Are you a member yet? Go sign up!! It’s free and all you have to do to earn points is watch TV clips, take polls, take surveys, whatever you want. It’s a good way to save money!

Anyway, on with the organizing we did last week. How did you do? I’m sure you can guess how well I did with all of the sickness. I did clean out and reorganize the coat closet in the living room, which was one of the things I wanted to do so YAY for that! It is much cleaner and way more functional for us. I am loving it.

This week I will be working on organizing the Master Bedroom. It’s actually a pretty small room. My boys’ room is bigger than the master so there’s not much to do, but it really does need some reorganizing! Especially the closet!! Although it has gotten a little better since we recently bought a fabulous new dresser!!!

We bought it from these great gals that get old funriture and fix it up. It was only $145!! And it’s really sturdy! I was/am excited about the sock drawers on the top. I’ve never really had a dedicated sock drawer! It’s a lot of fun! hehe I took these pictures off of their blog which you can visit here. We didn’t really like the handles so I picked out some new ones and this is how it looks in our room:

Amazing, right? I just love it! I could live without the TV on top of it, but it had been sitting in our basement blocking the bookshelves with our movies long enough (almost a year now!!) so we moved it upstairs. Mark brought up his PS2, old Xbox, and the apple TV so now we can watch netflix and he can play games and whatever else you can think of. Yay.

Today I will be cleaning out a part of the closet. My baby is still recovering from being sick so I am going to only clean out the bottom of the closet, the shoes, to be exact. It’s a jungle down there so I’ll completely haul them all out, vacuum and then reorganize them so they all fit. You can also find a lot of other knick knacks down there with the shoes so I will be getting rid of those and finding places for them all. Fun times!

What will you be working on this week? I would love to see pictures of your progress so link us up with your blog posts or email me at! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I’ve been organizing the boys’ room. Which means that I’ve had to stealthily go in there when both of them are asleep, get the toys out that they don’t play with, and then take them to D.I. on the sly. I seriously totally love getting rid of their crap. It’s such a good feeling.

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