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Let’s Get Organized! ~ Week 9

Now that it’s almost the end of the day on Tuesday I figured I should jump on and tell show you what I’ve been up to this last week and what I have planned for this week. I am very excited and happy with my progress in the laundry room. I am a slow organizer, I have found out. When I say I’m going to do something I always shoot REALLY high, higher than the stars. In all reality I would never be able to accomplish what I want to in a day or even a week, but the idea is to get started so last week I gave it a good go. Here are a couple of pictures along the way of my organizing the laundry room project:

Remember the exploding boxes? Yeah, not pretty!

This doesn’t look pretty either. And WHAT THE HECK is in the boxes? I didn’t even know and I put them there!! I didn’t like how food and cleaning supplies and luandry detergetn were all mixed together on the shelves. I am happy to say I have that taken care of now!:)

This was last Tuesday, I still had a lot to do, but by Saturday I had cleared off most of that second shelf and got rid of the food we wouldn’t use in time before the expiration date. The wheat also needed to be grinded before we could use it so I gave that away too. Just too much of a process to get the finished goods so I can’t deal with things like that yet.

Throughoput the weekend I worked on it more, off and on. Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day working on it (to me a good portion of the day means about 2 hours or more) and it looked like this:

I was pretty happy with it! I spent some more time in there last night and today (after going on a shopping trip for cereal and fruit snacks at Albie’s) and I’m sure I’ll be rearranging as we stock up and use stuff up. I might put labels under the shelves where each section is so Mark knows where to look for stuff.

And this is what it looks like right now:

You can kind of see on the left side where I have the boxes contained. I did give a bunch away, but there are still a good amount. I decided to put the toilet paper and diapers underneath all the shelves so my kids can reach them if need be. I think I might make restocking t.p. and diapers my 7 years old’s chore every other day or so. He needs one, my 5 year old gets the dog his meals and water. I’ve been trying to think of something easy the 7 year old could do without help.

Anyway, do you like my model/Vanna White helper? hehe I thought he added the perfect touch:)

So I decided to organize the shampoo, soap, eye care, mouth care, bandaids and kitchen odds and ends (specifically foil and straws). You can also see canned apples that I helped a friend with last year and some apple juice I bought at the store.

On the next shelf there are snacks, rice, instant potatoes, cookies, crackers, chips, sauces and oil, cans, peanut butter, M&M’s, dog treats, pasta and otter pops. The bottom shelf has baking goods, cake, brownies, muffins, oatmeal, and cereal.

The white shelf is holding cleaning products like my swiffer stuff and scrubbing bubbles cleaner refills, tissue and ziplock bags. I put out extra laundry detergent on the metal shelf. It’s not going to stay there, but for now it’s good. Then there’s napkins and paper towels. The top of that shelf is Mark’s domain. I have no clue what all is going on with that stuff. He actually just cleaned it all up a couple weeks ago. Can you believe that is clean??!! UGH!

You can also see the the floor has got some obstacles on it… 2 of those boxes are filled with stuff to take down to my brother who is in college. I’m sure he’s excited to get tons of toothpaste, cereal and salad dressing:) hehe (I promise it’s more than that and stuff that he will actually use!) There are also some other canned and bagged items that I’m going to giveaway because we won’t use them in time. The other 2 or 3 boxes are filled with papers and crap I need to go through that I’ve been putting off. That’s what’s so nice about having a big laundry room. You can stick unwanted crap in there and not have to deal with it!!

I also keep the vacuum and the swiffer down there so maybe I could come up with a nice storage system that would keep it out of the way? Or at least put away so that’s not the first thing you see. And the FLOOR!! It just bugs me! I need to do something with that floor this summer. I’m not sure what  yet, but something needs to be done. I can’t stand the brick red ugliness looking up at me:P lol So I have a lot of fun ahead of me with this room.

I decided to continue on working in this room for the rest of the week. Since I didn’t get as much done last week and I finally finished it mostly tonight, I think I’ll just keep going. I need to clean and organize the laundry area and shelving so I’ll throw that in the mix as well.

What are you working on? Have you organized or decorated a room you’re proud of? Show it off and leave us a link!! I’d love to see what you’re up to!:)

Thanks for coming by! I have some fun stuff planned for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Also, my giveaway ends tonight. If you haven’t entered it yet go here to do so. You’ll win a $5 gc to my Etsy shop. Don’t miss out! I’ll be adding some new stuff later this week too!:)

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  1. I’m totally impressed. I don’t know how you get so much done with Tinian around. I can’t get anything done with my boys!!! Looks great!

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