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LGO ~ Craft Room

Hello, friends! How are you on this Monday? I hope doing great! I know you’re probably excited to see I’m finally blogging about my craft room again, but I have some bad news about that. I actually haven’t done a SINGLE thing to clean up my craft room.*GASP*

That’s right, all those carefully laid out plans I made last month haven’t even been touched on. I have just been way too busy! I don’t know what I was thinking almost 3 weeks ago when I decided August was going to be my Craft Room organizing month. I apparently wasn’t thinking! I have been editing photos non-stop since I got home from Boise on July 30th, and I’ve also been trying to keep up with house work, laundry and feeding and caring for my boys. Needless to say, my room has been neglected even further. I have gone in there a few times, but really I don’t NEED anything in that room unless I’m crafting so my life has been craftless lately and I really don’t like it!

I took a break yesterday from editing photos and cleaning and even taking care of the kids for a little bit, so I could make a cute little baby card and a welcome home banner for our friends that are coming home with their first baby today. It was SO fun!! The last banner I made was when I first got the machine, I think, so this was fun to do it again. I have had a baby boy DCWV paper stack just sitting in the back of one of my paper drawers just waiting to be used so I pulled it out for this and I LOVE how the banner turned out!

Anyway, I am thinking I will give myself the rest of August to finish up my photography work and to get the boys and our lives in order for school starting up again, then I will start organizing my craft room on Sept. 1st. My boys start school on Sept. 2nd, isn’t that so late?!!! They used to start 1 or 2 weeks before August ended and get out of school in May, but then the school district decided to switch to the Sept-June schedule. IT SUCKS!! I should write them a strongly worded letter! 🙂

I will keep you posted on when exactly I will be starting my organizing, but I’m pretty sure by Sept. 1st I’ll be good to go with that project. I really CANNOT wait to get started on it! I feel so dirty every time I look at my room or step into it. Why do I let it get this bad?!!


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