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LGO ~ Manic Monday & More Craft Room Organizing

Boy, this post is LATE!! Sorry about that! I’ve actually been cleaning the house today and shopping and getting things done that needed to be done. I cleaned out my purse, which happens maybe once a year! LOL And I went through some bills, which NEVER happens! haha.

It is true, I am still trying to organize the mess that is my craft room. Both desks were pretty much dirty again so last night I cleared of my sewing desk to make some room for a new project I’m making. I can’t wait to finish it and show you!! Anyway, so my scrapbooking desk is back to pretty much the same state it was in a few weeks ago when I decided to start cleaning it up again. *SIGH* I just really don’t think I will EVER keep my desks actually clean. No matter if everything has a place, I get too lazy to always put everything away, especially since I am ALWAYS going to come right back to the project or craft! I mean, of course I won’t spend a month putting it off and procrastinating the end of a project I’m excited about, right?!!

Anyway, the whole house is much cleaner now than it was when I woke up this morning, so even though I didn’t get any organizing done in my craft room, my house is somewhat clean! That makes me feel happy! 🙂 Here’s the scary mess I have on my hands this week:



Looks like fun, huh?! 🙂 Not so much to me! I just gotta grit my teeth and get it done! So, I’m going to, starting tomorrow I mean real business. How? Well, I’m going to wake up in the morning and get started right away. The boys have swimming lessons at 8:30 for the rest of the week so I won’t get too much accomplished before we leave, unless I wake up at 6:00. I’m hoping I can wake up that early and I probably will tomorrow morning, but the rest of the week is a big question mark!

My plans for this scrapbooking area are to find a home for everything. I’ve been collecting organizing bins and storage containers and hope that I can get them to work with the things I need to be organized. My new favorite place to buy organizing materials from is Deseret Industries! I spent $8 there this past weekend and I got a TON of stuff!! I love thrift stores!

Ok, now that the kids are in bed i have time to get some crafting done! Or maybe I’ll read…. or work on my sisters wedding pictures. Gotta get those done! 🙂 I hope you had a great Monday!



4 thoughts on “LGO ~ Manic Monday & More Craft Room Organizing

  1. In lieu of cleaning my sewing room…I’m destashing. It’s annoying having so much stuff I can’t find it all, so I’ve made this deal with myself not to buy any more fabric until I sew through what I have. I’m going to the Dallas garment district in October so I only have a couple months too go…

    If you saw my desk you’d totally feel better 😉

    1. If you want to give some of your stash away I’d be willing to buy some and pay for shipping! 🙂 now you know you have to send me a picture of your desk, right?!! Hehe.

  2. I can offer to add to your mess – I got some fat quarters at Joann’s yesterday to do this project with my friend Kathleen. We’re going to actually attempt to cut fabric with my silhouette. I’m extremely nervous. But anyways, I know I’ll have some fabric leftover if you want it.

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