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LGO ~ the Craft Room


Well, last week was a disaster! I was so busy cleaning my house and going to appointments that I didn’t get around to cleaning my craft room until Friday. Even then, I didn’t get even a quarter of what I wanted to accomplish done! BUT I did make the boys clean up their half of the room! (If you don’t know, I share my craft room with the kids toys. It’s not ideal, but it’s what we have to work with so I live with it. When we buy our next house we are planning on having a play room AND a craft room!! I CANNOT wait!!)

Anyway, this week I think I’m going to only concentrate on one task instead of 5. I had a new task each day and I think that just makes me feel like I have too much to do, even though I really don’t! LOL

SO, this week my goal is to CLEAN off and ORGANIZE my scrapbooking desk! I have tons of paper, ribbons, fabric, and other odds and ends on my desk right now and I can’t use it to craft anything!! It’s a HUGE mess! Here’s a before picture. This actually looks REALLY good compared to what it looked like on Friday before I started cleaning it up! I wish I would’ve remembered to take a picture before I started!


I’m in the middle of a sewing project so it’s kind of strewn everywhere since I don’t have much room on my sewing desk. I have the ironing board out for more surface area. Normally it’s not there.


The whole mess on my scrapbooking table.


The mess on the floor by all my scrapbooking papers, etc.


The mess on the shelves holding all my scrapbooking supplies and things. I really need to get this all organized!! It’s driving me crazy!!

So, that’s my plan for the week. Clean it off, find a home for EVERYTHING, organize the bins and put away all papers, pictures, crafting supplies on desk.

What are your organizing plans for the week? Let us know! I’m very curious what others are organizing at this time of year. It is Spring Cleaning time, right? 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a GREAT week!

3 thoughts on “LGO ~ the Craft Room

  1. Your desk makes me feel so much better– I have craft projects strewn everywhere right now. I have 3 or 4 that I’m currently working on, and each needs either drying time, or another piece to be purchased. It starts to make me feel batty!

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