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LGO ~ the Craft Room

Ok I know that this is close to the 5th time I’ve had this room/area be on the organizing list, but this week I’m determined for it to be the last time core the year and hopefully a couple months!!

I’ve been busy yesterday and today trying to stick to the schedule I set up on Sunday. It has been going GREAT!! I’m so excited!

Yesterday I woke up at 6:05 and forced myself out of bed. I had to search for my scriptures because I forgot where I put them. LOL

I read for about 10 minutes and then had to get the boys ready for school. I took them to school at 8:15 and when I got home I checked my email, did laundry and the household chore for the day, which is vacuuming the whole house.

After I vacuumed I got busy in my craft room. That didn’t last long though because I had to fold laundry. I was determined to keep up with it yesterday. I’m happy to report that I did!! I washed and dried 7 loads of laundry and folded them all! Woohoo!

It is true that half of the loads were blankets and actually the last load is still in the drier…. But I folded the towels, whites, and 2 loads of kids’ clothes. I did all of this while watching Terra Nova, a tv show on Netflix.

Once I was done with the folding I finished cleaning off the scrapbook desk and chair. I had tons of junk on both of them! I hate flat surfaces! They are the bane of my existence!

Anyway, today I’ve stuck to the schedule, but I kind of moved some of it around. Hehe:) I didn’t sleep well last night so I spent time with Tini and did my email and Facebook time after dropping the kids off. It was a good little rest and at 9:00 I started on my chore of cleaning the upstairs bathroom. It was quick and easy and I was able to spend a little bit of time looking up Christmas presents on Pinterest:) then I started the organizing task for today. I cleared off all my shelves in the craft room and put everything into laundry baskets in categories. I have 4 baskets filled with sewing, scrapbooking, general crafting and other stuff/misc things that don’t belong but have found a place in my craft room 🙂

For the hour before lunch I was slowly organizing some of it into new boxes and trying to make he current boxes and baskets I have look organized. I have a to. Of different sizes and colors of boxes and its drivi g me crazy that they don’t all match. LOL I guess I’ll have to get over it since I do t have tons of money to buy all new boxes and baskets.

Here are the baskets all sorted and some stuff even on my scrapdesk before I put it in the right laundry basket. You can see behind the baskets on the desk that I FINALLY finished my ribbon organizer! Yay!! I’ll have to show you that later this week:) I’m very happy with it.

And here’s the shelves all cleared off. I let some of the boxes stay up because I had already organized an gone through those previously. They are fine in the spots I have them in… for now anyway:)

This is what it looks like right now:

What do you think? I know the orange wire basket doesn’t fit in with the other colors on the shelf. I’m thinking I’m going to buy some spray paint and paint it either pink or grey. The second shelf is the only one, besides the top one, that has stuff in the baskets. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to go where. I’m going to do it all in sections so it’s easier to find what I need. I broke it down for you so you can see my thoughts:)

That’s what I’m planning now. As you all pretty much know, I change my mind a hundred times before anything becomes permanant so when I post my reveal of the craft room it will probably be different than what you see here:)

Do you have any advice on the shelving and basket situation? I guess I could just spray paint all of the baskets the same colors…. I need to go buy more of the photo boxes from Michaels. I should’ve bought some this weekend! They were $1.66 again! But I’m sure they’ll have another sale soon:)

Ok, enough of what I’ve been doing the past 2 days. I’m going to share with you my plan for the whole week:

Monday – Organize Scrapbooking desk, find space for everything on desk and in the chair

Tuesday – Take everything off shelves, use laundry baskets to put everything in categories, start to put stuff back on shelves

Wednesday – Hang up peg board, continue organizing shelves

Thursday – Organize Scrapbook cubby’s, find a place for everything

Friday – Organize fabric bookshelf, finish organizing shelves and cubby’s

Notes: Scrapbook 2 pages and SEW, SEW, SEW!!

I’m not feeling so overwhelmed now. This week is going well so far. I know what projects I’m going to do and they shouldn’t take too long to finish up by this weekend and I can start on the next projects in line. I’m very excited!!

Well, I better get off and get started sewing. I hope you’re having a good week! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Let’s get physical!! Dude, you have a lot of crafting stuff! I thought I was bad! Haha! As soon as I’m allowed to do anything besides sit on the couch, I’m going to be reorganizing my scrapbooking stuff. It’s a big old mess.

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