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LGO ~ The Pantry

UGH!! the Pantry!! I have been dreading this for the past 9 months! Which, is why I have put it off, until now. Last week, I blew off organizing all together. After cleaning out a few cupboards the first day I worked in the kitchen, 2 weeks ago!!, I lost the organizing/cleaning bug and haven’t done a single thing since then!! BUT!! I’m back and rearing to go, so let’s get started!!

I actually have a pretty big pantry that I LOVE!! It was one of the reasons we loved this house so much. A lot of the houses we were looking at at the time didn’t have big kitchen’s and so a pantry wasn’t always included. Our kitchen is small, but the pantry is HUGE!! It’s a nice addition to the small kitchen.

Well, there it is, in all it’s glory:) Can you tell we LOVE cereal?!! lol

There are two drawers, which is really nice to have them. This is the bottom one, which I have previously tried to organize with little bins.

And the other drawer that is somewhat organized, but needs to be reorganized again!

The bottom shelf hold our excess juice, ketchup, chocolate syrup, and Gatoraid, as well as our big griddle, popcorn (which we buy in bulk at Sam’s Club), and juice boxes for school lunches.

It all needs a lot of help. The top shelf has TONS of stuff behind the line of cereal. I’m kind of afraid to see what’s back there! The shelves are so deep that the top one is hard to keep anything back there because I can’t easily reach it. Do you have any suggestions for what to put back there? I guess we could put our extra juice or other things we stockpile, but it might be a pain to get to when they’re needed. What do you think?

Ok, are you ready to hear my plan for the week? Here it is:

Monday – Clean out top 2 shelves and reorganize.

Tuesday – Clean out middle shelf and reorganize.

Wednesday – Clean out bottom shelf and reorganize.

Thursday – Clean out the drawers and reorganize.

Friday – Go over any problem areas encountered during the week with the new pantry organization. Clean out kitchen drawers and the skinny kitchen cabinets.

Notes: Use my label maker to label baskets. I haven’t decided if I’m sticking with my label maker. I might use scrapbooking paper and make some labels on the computer to print out.

I really like how Toni, from A Bowl Full of Lemons has her pantry set up. Just gorgeous!! BUT, I’m not made of money and my hubby likes things a little different so I’ll have to work with what I have. I did buy some extra bins to organize with and I think I’ll get some wire ones for the cans to help organize things more.

Wish me luck!! I have a lot to do this week! Oh, and, besides all this I’m getting ready to fix up the boys’ bathroom. I’ve got big plans for in there, but that’s a whole other post in and of itself!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Let us know what you’re organizing!!

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