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Morning Chores

Besides the to do list I make up every day I have a daily schedule that I like to stick to. The only problem is that I barely ever Check everything off of that list. There are things that I always do and things that I never do and I’ve become ok with it.



The chores I normally ignore are the 5 minute pick up sessions, sweeping, Clean kitchen, clean bedroom, fold clothes and put away the dishes.

Well, now that we’re at the end of the year I’m starting to get annoyed with myself. It really wouldn’t take that much more time to add of the few extra chores on the list. Maybe I should call them something other than chores…. Activities? Adventures? LOL anyway, they need to start getting done. What better time to start doing them than now?! 🙂

I dropped the kids off, took Nemo for a nightmare of a walk and returned home to the mess… I sighed and started sweeping the kitchen floor. Tinian was so confused at what I was doing!! He kept asking me what the pile of food and dust,etc, was on the floor!! Isn’t that sad? I’ve never swept the floor with him around! Normally, I use the swiffer vac so I don’t have to bother sweeping the mess into the dust pan. At least he knows what a swiffer is! 🙂



Anyway, I swept the kitchen floor and then got busy cleaning up the kitchen and doing a quick 5 minute pick up of the messy rooms.This is what the 5 minute pick up produced:


A messy table!! I didn’t have enough time to put everything away, more like, anything away! haha! The idea of the 5 minute clean up is to go through a room and put things away where they belong uickly. Well, the living room had too much junk that didn’t belong in there so I threw it on the table to put away later. *SIGH*

Then I started on the Monday chores of vacuuming and dusting (UGH! Wait!! I forgot to dust!! another big *SIGH* here). So, I guess that is where I’m off to to continue cleaning up the house. I also need to get started on folding the laundry I’ve been washing today. I guess I’ll pop in my new Blu-ray of ‘The Lucky One’ and enjoy the folding time.

What are some of the every day chores you do? Are there ones you should do, but ignore, like me? Tell me all your dirty cleaning secrets, hehe!:) I’d also love to hear your motivational stories to keep me cleaning like I did today, everyday!!

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