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Organization Day 2

Ok, I’m checking in. How did your first day go? Since it was kind of a holiday mine didn’t go amazingly well, but it did go well. I exercised and showered like I wanted to. I went to Target and Kohl’s to return things I needed to. I called the people I needed to. I did 2 loads of Laundry and put them away. I folded all the laundry from Saturday and put it away. Woohoo!! I am particularly happy about that last one! If I don’t get it folded on Saturday it usually sits around in baskets and I have to keep shifting things around so I have enough baskets for the rest of the weeks laundry. Yes, I’m that bad at folding laundry!!

I had a couple of crafting projects I wanted to work on that I didn’t get done, but I did take are of most everything else on my to do list that needed to get done!All except for vacuuming. I have vacuum the house on my weekly to do list twice because I often don’t do it the first time it I hope that someday I’ll get good enough at cleaning that I’ll do it both days! So that one is back on my list for today along with dusting and picking up poop. I’m not so excited about the last one, especially since it hasn’t been done for about 2 weeks:P

I am really proud with myself today though. I woke up at 5:15 and exercised!!! I cleaned up and even read my scriptures for a few minutes before I had to wake the kids up at 6:30. I’m just waiting for the first load of laundry to finish so I can switch it and get started with vacuuming and dusting. I go into my kindergartners class every Tuesday morning at 10:00 so I’m trying to finish all the morning chores before I leave today.

Also on my to do list today is to take photos for some new bows I made a couple of weeks ago and posted them up on Etsy. I really need to start advertising for my store more so I can get some sales!! Know anyone that has girls and loves buying hair bows and accessories??!! Please tell them about Crafty Meggy: Bows n More on Etsy!! I would be much appreciative! I think I’m going to pick one day a week to dedicate solely to advertising and making things for my Etsy shop. That way I have a set time for it kind of like a real job. I think I might make that on Wednesdays because those days are pretty empty. We’ll see.

Well, I better get started on my morning chores so I can go to school in an hour! Good luck with your second day! How did your first one go? What did you organize? Did you stick to your cleaning schedule or to do list? Let us know!

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