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Am I right?!! I look forward to the weekend, but in a different way than my husband does. He gets a break from his job. I don’t. I never do, and probably never will. That’s just what it’s like being a mom. But it’s all good. If my kids get hurt who do they come running to for love and comfort? That’s me! And I love those moments. So, I take everything that comes with the job, not always happily, but I take it.

Yesterday, as I was doing laundry I saw and couldn’t stand this mess anymore:

I have been using this kind of laundry detergent off and on throughout the last year. This is all I will buy anymore because of my recent skin problems. I also like the big size like these because it has the spout on it and I don’t have to pore anything. All I do it pull the cup off and let out how much I want and then put it back when done.

Don’t you like the nice line of soap running down the dryer? And the puddle on the floor? NICE! I just noticed it today as I was taking the picture. I just thought the puddle came from the drip as I was pouring the soap in the washer, but nope, it’s from after I place it back on the spout. *SIGH* It’s never been this huge of a problem.

Do you use this kind of laundry detergent? If so, how do you keep it from making a mess? I would love any tips and tricks you have or suggestions you think would work.

How is your organizing going this week? Mine is almost done! I’m so excited at how much progress I’ve made this week!! The pantry looks amazing! I’m just putting some finishing touches on it today and the I will reveal the before and after pictures this weekend. I can’t wait to show you!

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I hope you have a great weekend!!

2 thoughts on “TGIF!!

  1. I just bought a big detergent with a spout. I was wondering if it would make a mess. Do you have to put the cup back on? Keep up the good work!

  2. I use detergent that has a spout also. I used to get so frustrated by the same mess you are having problems with, plus the cup would get all crusty from the dried bits of leftover soap…frustrating!!! Then I started to fill my cup up and just throw the whole thing in with the wash…the cup gets cleaned everytime and I just find it before I switch the load to the dryer! No more messes!!! Whenever I buy more detergent I make sure I save a new cup from time to time, that way I have an extra if I don’t want to fish through the wet clothes to find it, It gets found when I fold that load and then I have a cup for the next load. Give it a try!

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