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Thursday Touch-Up

I am excited about this post. Well, maybe excited is to much of a word…. I’m happy about the subject of this post. I really NEED to clean up my craft area!! Especially since Santa Claus brought me a BRAND NEW SILUOETTE CAMEO!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED, to say the least! I’ve been having fun playing with it!!

Although, I’ve already managed to break the mat it comes with because I was loading the mat wrong, whoops! BUT it still works so now I’ve learned my lesson and hope I can keep learning and making all sorts of fun crafts with it!!

So I had to clean up my desk a bit before I could start playing around with it on Sunday. I didn’t really like how I set it up on Sunday, so yesterday, right before we put the kids to bed (much to my husbands annoyance) I started cleaning and fixing up my little area. I always tend to get motivated to do things at the wrong time! Like right before bed or right before I need to do something else. (Just like right now I should be switching out the laundry loads right now, but I’m putting that off because I’ve already started this post!:)

Anyway, here are some before pictures of my little craft area:

Scary, right??!! I actually took these picture November 27th and here I am, a month later, just barely starting the organizing. I’m such a procrastinator:P

Anyway, last night I decided I wanted to get the notebooks and magazines off the desk because anytime I move something they fall forward, VERY annoying!! So I cleaned out one of these handy cabinets I got for FREE off of freecycle:

Remember this? Well, I am so excited that I got this unit because it will be very useful in my organization process!

I decided to use the bottom left one since it was the only one that could fit books and things standing up tall:

I moved the two plastic shelves that were there before as far over as they could go so I could squeze the shelf in between them. I was glad it worked out! I was able to put my digital scrapbooking CD case, my magazine spreadsheet binder, sheet protectors, 3 different sizes of envelopes, the cameo instuctions and my new planner/address book that I got at Target. Yay! That was a lot more than I had planed on.

I labeled the drawers so I would know what they are without having to look inside them. I love my labeler!:)

The top one is filled with things I need to sew. Since I don’t have a sewing machine they will probably sit there for a very LONG time!! I have to mend everything by hand and it takes FOREVER!!! I was at Target last night and I saw this though:

I wished I had put it on my wish list for Santa, but maybe I can get it soon since it’s only $15. We’ll see… I wonder if it works pretty good? Anyone know?

Anyway, in the sewing to do drawer I made a list that you can see in the picture. This way I know even without opening the drawer what I have to work on. I also put things in priority order so I know what I should do first:)

The second drawer has my very limited supply of fabric and felt. I also have one pattern that I bought for toddler pajamas about 4 years ago. I made one set for Brynnan who was about 15 months old or more and was going to make a set for Jonas, who was 3 I think, but I got the ones done for Brynnan and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be!! I had to have a friend come over and help me!

And the bottom drawer has my cheapo paper shredder that is nice and small enough to fit in that drawer and a couple of extension cords, which I’ve been looking for for months and Mark just barely found them!! So now I’ll always know where they are:) Yay!

After moving everything around on my desk and getting things put away I had room to fit my new Cameo in the middle of my work area. Now I can pull it out and have enough room for the mat to go out the back of the machine and the front too. I’m very happy with this!

Now, my next project will be to fix my paper problem you see on the left!! I desperately need a system for my paper. I’m trying to figure out what other units I want to use to stack on top of the one on the floor. Got any ideas how to organize paper in drawers? I want to be able to see the different papers without having to pull them all out. I guess I’ll look up some ideas on pinterest, since that’s my new favorite place to go for organization answers:)

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