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Touch up Thursday

Hey everyone!! I wanted to catch up with you real quick on how your weekly organizing is going? I’ve accomplished a few little tasks that have made a big difference!! Today I cleaned out the changing table drawer. It was in dire need of some help!! There was so much crap in there you could barely find the bum cream!


The Before picture!! UGH!

I pulled everything out of the drawer and set it on top. The basket is what I used to put everything into that needed to go somewhere else. Then I pulled the drawer out:

The bottom of the drawer looked sooooo GROSS!! So I decided to cover it with contact paper, the same stuff I used in the bathroom vanity downstairs and in my dresser.

After I put the contact paper down I had to do something to keep the drawer in one place. For some reason the bottom wasn’t ever nailed in. A few years ago we tried doing that, but it didn’t work out well so we ended up glueing it in the front with some wood glue, I think. BUT the gap in the back of the bottom was still an issue.

After putting the contact paper down I got the hammer and put some nails in the back of the drawer.

I was using some really cheap nails so this one kind of bent up really bad!! lol

Here’s the finished project!! Tinian was so bored during this whole process. Lately, he has to do everything I do. SIGH

I put the drawer back in.

Sorted through all the stuff that was in there before. Brynnan likes to stick toys and school papers and whatever else he feels like it in there. I took pictures of the school papers and then threw them away. Sorry Lincoln and Washington, but my house isn’t big enough to store every single paper he brings home!!

AND VOILA!!! The after picture!! It looks so clean and pretty!! It probably won’t last long, but I’m glad I did the initial organizing. I’ll just have to keep it a constant thing every week/day.

We kept the CD’s in the drawer because it was a place the older boys could reach, but the baby couldn’t so I found a new home for them in the closet. I cleaned out one of the cubbies and for now they will hang out there.

Later today or tomorrow I plan on cleaning out my purse and Saturday the hubby anmd I are going to tackle the garage. Yay. can’t wait for that! How is your organizing going?

Thanks for stopping by!!

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