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Touch-Up Thursday

It’s MARCH!!!! Can you believe it? I can’t! It’s going by so fast! But I am excited about it being March because on the 7th my kids and I are flying out to stay with my mom and step dad for 3 weeks!! I can’t wait!:)

Anyway, today I want to share with you my cleaning/organizing strategy. During the week I was catching up on all the organizing I hadn’t done I cleaned out the living room closet and rearranged it. I love the way it is now!! It’s so much more functional!


This was the top of the closet where all the games are kept, along with phone books and umbrella’s and photography albums. It was crazy! lol

I cleared out everything and even took out the shelf on the bottom to clean it. The boys had fun playing in it:) I vacuumed and washed the walls, etc.

They kept moving (and so did I! That phone is so darn light!! lol) so the pictures were mostly blurry, sorry!

This is all our stuff that was packed in the closet. It took up most of the couch!!

I put the shelf back in and Brynnan actually fit  underneath it! haha!:)

And Tini closed the door on him:)

Here’s the after picture! What do you think? I put the games behind the baskets and they all fit there so that’s nice we have a place to put them that the kids can reach if I’m busy.

And here’s a picture of it today, still tidy and not messy! One of the places that can stay that way after being organized!! That is awesome!! 😉

What do you think? Any suggestions as to what to put on the top shelf? I’ve been thinking about getting some tall baskets and putting stuff in it. What? I don’t know, but probably stuff that isn’t used much…. Oooohhh, I could put the nebulizer in a basket with all of the tubing and masks!! Woohoo! Yay for writing things down even when you don’t know what you’re writing!! HAha OH! I just had another thought, I could put all of our rain gear in a basket too. Then the umbrellas won’t be hanging out causing a cluttered look. I can probably relocate the phone books, maybe to the trash can?!! Haha. Seriously, though, who uses those things anymore? I sure as heck don’t!

Walmart has some cheap baskets that are pretty big and you get two of them. I’ll have to check those out. Michael’s is always doing sales on their baskets so I’m sure I could find some nice cheap ones there too. So, we’ll see what I come up with for that. In the mean time keep on organizing!!

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1 thought on “Touch-Up Thursday

  1. What were you doing awake TWO HOURS AGO?? Hahaha! The closet looks fantastic. I’m in need of a couple of baskets meself for Gage’s toys. But the Money Nazi won’t let me spend anything until March 10th. Fun. I’m going to miss you so much while you’re gone visiting your mom, dang it.

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