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Wednesday Cleaning

Well, yesterday was just one of those days that I got nothing done. It was a crazy day! I was constantly running around outside of the house so I had no time to do any chores. BUT today I am going to make up for yesterday. Tuesdays are Dusting day in my cleaning schedule so I will dust today as well as Clean the bathrooms, which is my Wednesday chore. I don’t know about you but I HATE cleaning the bathrooms!!! They are stinky and hard and just annoying to have to clean. I try to clean our two bathrooms every week, but that rarely happens. I usually hit and miss with it and it might happen every couple weeks to once a month. BAD, I know!! and GROSS!! So I am going to change that!!

I got the dusting done, with Tinian’s help. He had a lot of fun with that:) The bathroom cleaning will have to wait until his naptime so I’ll be back later, maybe.




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