Crazy Busy Couple of Weeks!!!

Sorry I haven’t been updating lately! Life has been crazy the past week and I completely forgot to blog about my Albies trip last week!! It was doublers so I got some really good deals!! I’ll start with that:

Monday July 18th:

Albies was running an awesome sale on select cereals, Betty Crocker snacks and Nature valley bars. I can’t remember how much I spent exactly on all of this, but it was about $28 and I saved over $100!!! PLUS, the sale was triggering Catalina coupons! I got $16 in catalina’s off my next order and I got 3 FREE milk cat’s!!! AWESOME!! I used most of the cat’s to make some of the transactions smaller, but I had $8 left over.

What am I most proud of on this trip??!! The Gerber baby food dinners! They were $2.89 each and I had a $1/1 coupon I had printed a week earlier. I also had a buy 3 Get 1 FREE coupon. So the total after tax came to about $11.90. I doubled 3 of the $1/1 coupons so that takes off $6, plus the extra $1/1, makes it $7, PLUS, I got one for free so that made the total $1.56!!! For 4 toddler dinners!! That was so exciting!!

I also went to Target that morning and picked up all this stuff. I had coupons for everything and for the bandaids I actually had a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon PLUS they were on sale so I only paid $.41 for the bandaids!! The BIC pens were free because they were on sale for $.50 ea and I had a Target coupon for $1/2. I also had a papermate coupon for $1/1 and those pens were $1. The tape was on sale for $.50 and I had a Target coupon for $.50/1. The granola bars I had 2 $1/2 coupons PLUS Target was doing a B4G1 Free sale!! The baby food was on sale too. The smaller container was $.97 (originally $1.29 or more)  and I had a $.55/1 coupon! The bigger one was $1.29. So this was a great trip!! I think the total was $24 and I saved $15 or more.

After shopping at these two places I was totally shopped out! I did it all with 3 wild crazy kids! SIGH

Tuesday July 19th:

Staples was having another paper sale and I still needed another ream for the boys to take to school so I picked this one up for $6.23. Not a very good price right? Well, I got another staples easy rebate on it!! I will get mailed a check for $4.99! So I only paid $1 (plus tax) for this ream. Pretty good deal. Although, I do wish I had waited because the sale this week is on the Staples brand for only $.50 after the rebate. Oh, well, I think I’m learning that I can’t regret my purchases! Of course there will always be a better deal, but at least I got the deal that I got, right?

Saturday July 23rd:

I kept my eye on the sales, but nothing else grabbed me that week. Saturday I went back to Target and got 2 more of the baby food dinners and one more breakfast and one more thing of tape.

Spent $2.80 saved $2.10

The 2 Gerber pasta bowls were on sale for $.97 and I had 2 $.55/1 coupons. The scotch tape was on sale for $.50 and I had a $.50/1 Target coupon. The only thing I didn’t have a coupon for was the graduates breakfast buddies, BUT it had a ‘Try me FREE!!’ MIR attached to the front so, after paying for a stamp I will have actually saved $3.10 and only paid $1.80!:) Woohoo!! This was my favorite purchase all week:)

This week was 2 out of my three children’s birthdays!! First was Brynnan on Monday. I didn’t go shopping, but we all had a good day playing and eating cake! Tuesday was laid back. Wednesday was my baby’s first birthday!!! AHHHH!!

Thursday July 28th:

I ran into Walgreens to do the B1G1 deal on Mega Red krill pills, but they were all out so I ended up buying a Tylenol heat pad that was $7.99. I had a $2/1 mc (manufacturer coupon) and a $3 off store coupon. I also had a $4 catalina so I bought a king size starburst candy and only paid $.84!!!! Yeeehaawww!!

Today, Friday July 29th:

Today also goes with the picture above:) I went to the Walgreens by my house to see if they had any krill oil pills. They did, but they were $29.99 for only 60 pills!!! So the other Walgreens must not have had that kind. We usually buy 90 pill for about $17 at Sam’s club so that is a much better deal!

I also had some coupons for the carefree so I used those. I spent $5.38 on the carefree, which actually isn’t that good of a deal now that I think about it… lol!! It was only a store coupon so I don’t feel so bad wasting my coupons.

The clorox bleach and wipes I bought at ACE hardware. Where?!! Yes, I wrote ACE Hardware! I would never have thought to buy them there and I probably won’t again because they were expensive BUT I had a $5 gift card for being a member so I was looking around and saw they had cleaning supplies! Jonas needs to bring wipes to school as supplies and I’ve been trying to find them for cheap and they aren’t. Not even the store brands! They’re all about $4 or more! Well, since I had the gc I paid . . . . $1.57, for both the bleach AND the wipes!!!!! Can you believe that?? I hope they send me more coupons because I’ll start shopping there more!! 🙂

I’m pretty happy with all the shopping I’ve done recently. I am very sad to say that I had to cancel my subscription though so I won’t be getting anymore coupons or doublers:P This sunday is my last paper.

Well, I better run! Hope your shopping is going well!

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