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Mail Call

I love getting mail… except for all those stupid credit card apps and other annoying junk mail:P I’ve been signing up to get a lot of free samples sent to my house and it’s been fun getting the mail lately. I’m always wondering what will come next:) Today this is what I got:


I forgot I even signed up for this one:)


I guess it’s their newest tissues. I haven’t used them yet, but I hope they’re better than their normal kind. Kleenex is cheap and we can’t buy them because they’re horrible on your nose!

Now onto some couponing trips:


How much do you think I spent on this stuff? I got it at Albies. I am SO excited about my total!! We didn’t have much money left in the account on Tuesday, but we needed some beans and it was double coupon week (Mark had bought me a paper on Sunday, which we don’t normally do, but I was excited to use it). In the paper was a coupon for $1/2 Blue Diamond Almond milks (which I have recently started drinking:P). There was also a coupon for $.75 off Crest. I printed off a gerber food coupon for $1/1. The milk was on sale this week $6/2. I doubled every coupon I had, I didn’t have one for the beans:P They were $1.29 on sale. That is SO expensive!!  The gerber graduates was free and so was the Crest. The Crest was on sale for $1 and usually a double coupon will only double up to the amount of the item, but I noticed after I got home that it doubled the full amount of the coupon. I’m not complaining about that!!


I also got these two catalina coupons. The $.75 off my next order one is from buying the two milks. Woohoo:) Every little bit counts!! I guess when you buy two of a kind at Albies you get nice surprises.


AND here’s my reciept…. the total was $5.23!! That’s a little over $1 for each item I bought! How awesome is that??!! I LOVE couponing! (When it’s done right and not crazy couponing like a bunch of people were doing in front of me. I had to wait 10 minutes to check out! No one let me go in front of them with only 5 items. That’s what I don’t like about couponers these days. I try to be considerate if I have a bunch of orders!)

How has your couponing been going? Did you get anything good this week with doubles?

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