Mail Call

I’ve been signing up for a lot of freebies through the mail. I’ve started to get some of them now and it’s been fun wondering what will come next. Last week I got a couple things:

A $5 off my next purchase at Ace Hardware and a $3 off coupon on turf builder or something. I probably won’t use that last one, but I was so excited about that $5 Ace coupon that I went and picked up some blue shop towels that we had run out of a couple weeks earlier. And we ended up using them last weekend! Yay!:) I only paid $.64 for them!:)

Today I got my scope in the mail. It came with some coupons and toothpaste too:) Cool!

So, are you excited about Extreme Couponing starting up again on TLC. I’m not really sure if I am. It isn’t a very realistic show on couponing. I wish they would show couponing in a real situation. That would be even more interesting to me.

Anyway, I hope you have a good rest of your week.

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