Couponing, Starting Out

Organization IS Important!!

I never learn my lesson. I always think, I need to bring my coupon binder into the store, but on quick trips I will often leave it in the van so I don’t have so much to carry. My binder is getting to be really heavy!! When I’m with kids I feel ok with this, but I get lazy even without the kids.

For instance, I went shopping after dinner tonight all by myself! It was so wonderful and peaceful:) I first went to Target to get some of their dog food that was on sale this week. They were all out of the kind I wanted, but they had a ticket for a rain check so I grabbed that. Then I grabbed their Bounty paper towels and Charmin toilet paper that were on sale this week. Both were $18.99 each. YIKES!! BUT, for buying both of them I got a $5 gift card to Target:) I had small coupons for them, both were only for $.25, but hey, that’s $.50 I didn’t have to pay right:)

So I paid $41.88 for the two products, plus I got $5. I have been collecting Target gift cards over the past couple months. Whenever they have a sale on stuff we need where you get a $5 gift card for buy so many of certain items, I get them during those sales. I now have $20 on gift cards:) I’m waiting for a big purchase to use them, possibly when I go to buy my dog food next week:)

After Target I went to Albies, which is in the same shopping complex. We needed corn on the cob and baby food.


I spent $12.19

This is everything that I bought there. The corn was $2.79 and wasn’t on sale, but we need it for Sunday’s dinner. The baby food was actually cheaper than Walmart!! only $.61 each. Albies is doing a special catalina print out for $1 off your next order when you buy 10 Gerber 2nd stage baby food. I had a coupon for the baby food for $1/8 and a $1 off next purchase cat that I used. I also saw the gardening gloves on sale for $1 and Mark mentioned we needed batteries earlier today and as I was walking buy the batteries I saw these ones on the shelf with a SALE tag on them!


Only $3.49 for batteries that normally cost $6.99?! They were the only ones on the rack. I remembered I had a $.50/1 coupon in my binder, but I had been lazy and not brought it into the store! UGH!! I bought them anyway because $3.50 is a good price for batteries. When I got home I went through my binder looking for the coupon but couldn’t find it. I looked in my little coupon holder that I keep in my purse and of course I had put it in there! So I could’ve used it after all. LOL

So the moral of this couponing story is BE ORGANIZED!! Know what coupons you have and where they are. I will take pictures of my binder I am using now and do a post soon.

Hope your weekend is going well:)


(Side note: I was just looking at this coupon again and realized it isn’t for energizer. LOL!!)

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