School Shopping

I really hate shopping for school supplies. I just barely got around to really reading the ads and sales going on this week today so I decided we would make a couple stops.

#1 Toys R Us

They were having a really good sale on Crayola Crayons and my kids need a ton of these. PLUS, I had a $3 of a $3 purchase coupon. PERFECT!! The crayon sale is $1/4. I needed 8 boxes and a couple notebooks and other things. I figured I’d spend $3 plus tax so all I’d pay for is tax. Woohoo.

Well, it was a no go on the crayons! They were all out:P AND they don’t do rain checks. WHAT??!! But the boys did find something else they’ve been wanting since our little vacation down to Utah and the swimming pool in the hotel.

Yes, they picked out goggles that were on sale. Only $1.99 each so with the coupon I paid $1.04.

#2 Staples

Ok, Staples is now my new favorite store!! I LOVE it!! They had reams of paper for $.25 if you’re a rewards member, which I am. The only drawback to the paper is that it was actually an “easy” rebate. A paper printed out at checkout and I had to go online to enter all the info instead of sending it in. So, in a way it was nice, but it would’ve been so much more nicer if they made it $.25 automatically for rewards members.

I spent about an hour looking around that store, maybe less. With 3 kids, one of them asleep on the other in the cart and one running around like a crazy animal. Can you guess which kid is doing what?? lol If you guess right I’ll send you a couple coupon inserts:) (Here I’m figuring that Aubry is the only one reading this blog so, Aubs, I’ll just send them to you. Sometime…. lol. Any specific one you’ve like recently? Maybe I’ll send you an old one that you don’t have.)

Anyway, here’s what I bought:

Paid $25.36

Staples isn’t as couponer friendly as Albies or Target, they don’t put your total saved amount at the bottom of the receipt:P Adding everything up I saved $7.48 off of their normal prices. The glue sticks were only $.01 each because I spent over $5. all of the Staples brand products were on sale, so the only thing that wasn’t on sale was the composition notebooks, but they were still cheap so I didn’t mind buying them there.

The reason I paid so much is because of the 2 reams of paper. I had to pay $5.99 for both of them. When I got home I got online to Staples website and entered in my easy rebate information from my receipt. So I will get a check for $11.48 in about 2 months. Can’t wait. lol

This is about half of what the boys need for school next year. I’ll probably buy the rest at Walmart once school gets closer. I might try going back to Toys R Us tomorrow if they get some more crayons in their shipment. Plus, the boys want new back packs and you get a free lunch box with every backpack purchase AND I have a $5 off $25 coupon.

So, I’ll be back with more purchases soon:)

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  1. I went to Walgreens last night to get Ricky a few school supplies. I got 4 reems of lined paper for .50 cents each with their coupon and 3 compositions books for .69 cents each. It was awesome. The binders were buy 1 get one free so I need to bring Ricky with me so he can get the ones he wants. They had pencils on sale but I totally forgot to buy them and all their candy was on sale so I got some of that too! I also went to albertsons and got some good stuff 🙂 I did the deal 4 for $10 and got a free thing of milk and $2 off my next purchase.

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